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The Effective Presentation

The Effective Presentation
Talk Your Way To Success

First Edition
  • Asha Kaul - Professor, Communication Area, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

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February 2009 | 244 pages | SAGE Response
Designed to respond to the growing needs of professionals and those in the academia, this book is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to making effective presentations. Written in a clear, accessible style, the author provides a friendly approach to a process that is often a nerve-wracking task for many. The author discusses how to plan presentations across disciplines, their delivery and aesthetics, and helpful tips throughout. With a multi-level focus, it also includes sections on:
—choosing the right content and then sequencing it logically for maximum impact
—duration of the presentation, ideal size of the audience and their level of understanding and knowledge base
—presentation delivery, styles of communication, writing tips and the use of PowerPoint and video conferencing
—audience interaction
—strategies to avoid common pitfalls
Planning a Presentation
Structuring a Presentation
Creating Visual Aids (VAs)
Delivering a Presentation
Situational Presentation

Asha Kaul`s book is a valuable guide for planning and structuring a presentation, creating Vishual Aids (Vas) and delivering all kinds of presentations. The book contains the techniques and strategies essential for making a presentation.…Essential reading for anyone interested in making the most of their presentions. Highly practical and with illustrative examples, it will be invaluable.


This is a useful book, valuable and suitable for people with a serious intention of improving their presentation skills. It presents the various facets of presentations in small and large groups systematically, interspersed with interesting caselets and anecdotes, enriching the reader with valuable information. It is recommended for those who want deeper understanding of the subject of success through improved communications.

South Asian Journal of Management

Reading through the book could get some very useful tips for making effective presentations.


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