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Common-Sense Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers

Common-Sense Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers

February 2005 | 128 pages | Corwin
`There are quite a few gems hidden within this text, though. Focusing pupils through the non-verbal communication of positioning, eye contact, gestures and postures is certainly an innovative approach. Having positive expectations and expressing them appropriately is another excellent and workable idea. To have clear outcomes for your class so as to manage better is also an obvious but excellent tip. In general the positive, upbeat approach of the authors is highly commendable as something which works, not only in primary but also in secondary schools'- Nurturing Potential

How you can be five simple steps closer to managing a successful classroom!

By the authors of the best-selling Common-Sense Classroom Management for teachers in K-6 Classrooms, this new guide to classroom management for secondary schools will be an indispensable resource for new teachers, teacher trainers, and mentor teachers in middle schools and high schools.

Covering more than 65 best practices for managing the typical school day, the authors use a straightforward format that features five steps or fewer for each strategy, with icons highlighting how teachers can customize their strategies for older teens and for special learners in the inclusive classroom, including:

} taking care of teacher and classroom business

} creating a positive classroom atmosphere } working with diverse student and family populations

} dealing with challenging students and situations

Teachers are always looking for better ways to organize and manage their classrooms. Finally, a practical, common-sense approach is right here at your fingertips!

Preface and Acknowledgments
About the Authors
1. Taking Care of Teacher Business
2. Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere
3. Working With Diverse Student and Family Populations
4. With-It-Ness
5. Transitioning
6. Taking Care of Classroom Business
7. Reinforcers and Consequences
8. Dealing With Challenging Students and Situations
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"Excellent suggestions and tools will provide classroom teachers with strong skills to prepare them for the wonderful, yet never ending, challenges of teaching…. Great results will be felt every day!"

Patricia A. Yale, Director of Special Services
Milwaukee Public Schools

"A must-read for all new teachers…. The humorous format, the practical ideas, and the range of topics covered reflect the strong teaching experiences of the authors…. A great book for any middle or high school teacher to read."

Lisa Dieker, Associate Professor, College of Education
University of Central Florida

"Great, helpful hints on how to handle students in the classroom…. This book should be included as part of every new teacher’s core academic course readings."

Michael E. Barry, Teacher
Milwaukee High School of the Arts

"...the positive, upbeat approach of the authors is highly commendable as something which works, now only in primary but also in secondary schools...The section on bullying is very practical.  It includes 4 clear signals for busy teachers.  This is worth a ton of theory on the root causes and psychology of the bully and is to be applauded."

Nurturing Potential, Issue 18

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