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Building Sustainable Leadership Capacity

Building Sustainable Leadership Capacity

July 2009 | 200 pages | Corwin
This fifth volume in The Soul of Educational Leadership series offers revolutionary concepts and relevant strategies for sustaining effective school leadership in today's changing schools. With stimulating contributions from Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves, Dean Fink, Alma Harris, Ivor Goodson, and other educational leaders in the field, this book combines research, practice, and innovative thinking in a powerful reference for busy administrators.
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About the Contributors
Dennis Sparks
1. What I Believe About Leadership Development
Linda Lambert
2. Reconceptualizing the Road Toward Leadership Capacity
Michael Fullan
3. The Moral Imperative Revisited: Achieving Large-Scale Reform
Dean Fink
4. Leadership for Mortals: Developing and Sustaining Leaders of Learning
Louise Stoll, David Jackson
5. Liberating Leadership Potential: Designing for Leadership Growth
Alma Harris
6. Against the Odds: Successful Leadership in Challenging Schools
Robert W. Katulak
7. Developing Leaders of Learners
Maurice J. Elias
8. Building Leadership Capacity for School-Based Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): The Trajectory of Young Leaders
Nancy Shin Pascal
9. Developing and Sustaining Leadership Capacity

“Leadership and institutional culture, clearly pivotal issues for school improvement, are often viewed as abstract and only marginally important issues by many educators. This book challenges these perspectives by providing provocative insights about developing leaders and about relying on them to restructure schools. The authors reinforce convictions about school improvement through real-life examples that are concurrently informative and inspirational. This book will cause principals, teachers, and other educators to reflect more deeply about their professional responsibilities and behavior.”

Theodore J. Kowalski, Kuntz Family Endowed Chair in Educational Administration
University of Dayton

“This work is not for the timid of thought or action. It forthrightly challenges the traditional roles of leadership in schools. Just as importantly, it will be an affirming voice for those leaders who have already ventured into choppy seas of true shared leadership.”

David M. Dunaway, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“Blankstein, Houston, and Cole have done a masterful job in weaving together the messages of some of the top writers in educational leadership. Their book successfully marries leadership development theory with the compelling stories of those working in the field to develop and support thoughtful and exceptional school leaders. This is a must-read for school leaders, those charged with the support and development of school leaders, or anyone interested in becoming an exceptional school leader.”

Sheila Eller, Middle School Principal
Mounds View School District, North Oaks, MN

This book is an important addition to other books written on leadership capacity and helps to give a clearer understanding of what leadership capacity stands for and means for the school environment as a whole. Furthermore it explains well the importance of leadership capacity in the daily work of teachers and how it can work to improve students learning. A book well suited in teaching school improvement and leadership in all settings.

Mrs Sigríður Sigurðardóttir
Faculty of Education, University of Akureyri
October 25, 2012

Very interesting book but not quite what I was looking for. Excellent read.

Mrs Catherine Keller
Pre-Paramedic Studies, Inchicore College of Further Education
February 21, 2011

Book did not contain topics I wish to cover in course

Dr Kenneth Forman
Other, Suny Stony Brook University
May 15, 2010

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