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The Art of Problem Solving

The Art of Problem Solving
A Resource for the Mathematics Teacher

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Mathematics & Numeracy

February 1996 | 480 pages | Corwin
Problem solving has always been a fundamental element of mathematics. This innovative book challenges the perception that solving a problem is merely a means to an end. Focusing on problem solving as a subject in its own right, the contributors present a broad range of practical, theoretical, simple, intricate and purely mathematical examples.
Ira Ewen
Strategies for Problem Exploration
Alfred S Posamentier
Unconventional Problem-Solving Strategies in Mathematics Instruction
Steven R Conrad
Interest Grabbers
Exciting Motivational Problems with Punch and Personality

Mario Salvadori
Check the Answer, Please!
Ethan Akin
The Logic of Error
Fred Paul
Trial and Success
Stephen Krulik and Jesse A Rudnick
Reduce, Expand, and Look for a Pattern
Alfred S Posamentier and Wei Lee
A Pigeonhole Principle for Problem Solving
Evan M Maletsky
Handling, Seeing, and Thinking Experiences in Mathematics
Hans Humenberger and Hans-Christian Reichel
Problem Solving as a Continuous Principle for Teaching
Suggestions and Examples

Stephen E Moresh
Another View of Combinatorics (or Counting without Really Counting)
Wolfgang Schulz
Problem Solving by the Use of Functions
David Singmaster
Symmetry Saves the Solution
Jan Troják
An Application of Congruence Transformations in Problem Solving
Wei Lee
Graph Theory
Tools to Solve Mathematical Problems

Karl Kiesswetter, Roland J K Stowasser, and Lenni I Haapasalo
A Different Solution for Problems with Extreme Values
A Didactic Journey into the World of Jakob Steiner's Ideas

Hans K Kaiser
The Problem of the Duplication of a Cube
Marion Kauke and Sabine Ziller
Solving Mathematical Problems Using Game Strategies
Hope J Hartman
Cooperative Learning Approaches to Mathematical Problem Solving
Brigitte A Rollett
Problem Solving and the Mathematically Gifted Student
A Psychological Perspective


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