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Better Behaviour

Better Behaviour
A Guide for Teachers

Second Edition

January 2021 | 256 pages | Corwin UK

What does it take to improve the behaviour of the children you teach?

This second edition of Jarlath O’Brien’s insightful, practical guide for teachers, and those training to teach, combines psychological research, authentic classroom experience and the lessons learned from improving behaviour in schools. You will be challenged to think about your own practice, question accepted orthodoxies and to develop an empowered and confident approach to improve the behaviour of the children you teach.

This new edition includes:

·         A new chapter on how to work with a class where behaviour isn’t good enough

·         New, expanded discussion of bullying

·         A new ‘How would you deal with this situation?’ feature exploring tricky scenarios

·         A new interview feature offering useful perspectives from early career teachers

·         A new further reading feature so you can explore selected topics in more depth

Chapter 1: Why understanding behaviour matters
Chapter 2: How psychology can help your understanding
Chapter 3: Your behaviour
Chapter 4: Rules and expectations
Chapter 5: Motivation, recognition and rewards
Chapter 6: Sanctions and punishments
Chapter 7: Bullying and conflict
Chapter 8: When the behaviour of a class isn’t good enough
Chapter 9: Working in partnership with parents to improve behaviour
Chapter 10: Working in partnership with support staff to improve behaviour
Chapter 11: Special educational needs and behaviour
Chapter 12: Fostering your own style

The strength of this second edition lies in the even wider lens through which behaviour is explored - no element of school life is left undiscussed. Jarlath continually forces you to reflect and consider your actions, the actions of students and the wider actions of the school community. This is a much-needed update to the literature on behaviour and a book that will be invaluable to all, regardless of experience or role.

Kate Stockings
Head of Geography, Hampstead School

Jarlath’s expert knowledge and depth of experience has produced a book that will support every teacher to become “the decisive element in the classroom”.  His deeply held belief in the value of every child and young person shines through as he coherently argues for the holistic development of all: socially, emotionally and behaviourally in support of the academic.  Complete with summaries, reflection points, scenarios and further reading this is more than a book.  It is an in-depth manual for teachers and senior leaders who want to get behaviour right, in schools, and believe we are there to catch our pupils, “not catch them out”.

Stephen Tierney
Chair of Headteachers’ Roundtable, speaker and author

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