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Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner, Grades 3-5: Teacher's Guide

Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner, Grades 3-5: Teacher's Guide

248 pages | Corwin

As Fisher, Frey and Ness put it, “Imagine a third grader being able to articulate his metacognitive process in saying, “When I get stuck, I know I need to reread what I just finished.’ ”

The Teacher’s Guide to Becoming a Visible Learner, Grades 3–5 walks you through the process of using the Learner’s Notebook (one for every student) to teach students how to do just that: become their own teachers, as they learn to identify for themselves the strategies and tools they need to keep moving forward in their learning.

The Learner’s Notebook puts foundational metacognitive skills within reach of all your students, leading the way for them to understand what they’re learning, why they’re learning it, and the strategies they’ll be using along the way. The result? Students become more motivated and focused. 
Step by step, this Teacher’s Guide will show you how to help your students thrive as visible learners, revealing:

  • The core components of Visible Learning, and their impact on students’ development
  • The importance of using learning goals and success criteria 
  • How to use the student notebook’s metaphor of a trip to engage students in understanding and preparing for their learning journey, as well as “checking the map” to assess their own progress
  • How the notebook’s Picture, Prompt and Paragraph structure allows individual students to work with the approach that’s best for them

Designed for fast and easy implementation, and structured to support an entire school year’s worth of learning, this ready resource offers you a clear framework for bringing Visible Learning success to every student in your classroom.

Part 1: Introduction
What is Visible Learning?

Effect Size

The Notebook


How to Use the Notebook

Part 2: Student Lessons
Lesson 1. Setting Learning Goals

Lesson 2. Becoming an Assessment-Capable Visible Learner

Lesson 3. Learning Intentions and Success Criteria - How They Support Your Learning

Lesson 4. What Does Success Look Like?

Lesson 5. Using Success Criteria to Keep Track of Your Progress

Lesson 6. Taking on the Learning Challenge - Part 1

Lesson 7. Taking on the Challenge of Learning - Part 2

Lesson 8. Learning How to Learn

Lesson 9. Is It Time For Feedback?

Lesson 10. Seeing Errors as Opportunities to Learn

Lesson 11. Self-Questioning to Guide Your Learning

Lesson 12. Peer Teaching with Think Alouds

Lesson 13. Teaching Your Classmates with Reciprocal Teaching

Part 3: Additional Tools and Templates
1. Student Learning Goal Template

2. Assessment-Capable Visible Learner Self-Assessment

3. Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Self-Assessment

4. Co-Constructing Success Criteria Template

5. Self-Assessing Your Progress Using Success Criteria Template

6. Taking on the Challenge of Learning

7. Taking on the Challenge of Learning - Part 2

8. Study Skills Checklist

9. Is It Time for Feedback? Checklist

10. Reflecting on Errors as Opportunities to Learn Template

11. Using Self-Questioning to Guide Your Learning Template

12. Checklist for Peer Teaching with Think Alouds

13. Student Sentence Starters for Reciprocal Teaching


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