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BA in Leadership and Management

BA in Leadership and Management
Skills for the Workplace Student Yearbook, 1st Year

First Edition
Edited by:

April 2018 | 880 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
For students studying the VA in Leadership and Management, 1st year, at University of Wales Trinity St David.
Developing Workplace Critical Thinking
Metcalfe, M. (2006)
Using System Thinking to Critique
Dyer, S., Humphries, M., Fitzgibbons, D. & Hurd, F. (2014)
Gender, Race and Class Diversities in the Workplace
Scandura, T. (2016)
What is Organizational Behaviour?
Developing Relationships and Workplace Achievement
Lussier, R. N. & Hendon, J. R. (2017)
Learning and Development
Rao, T. V. (2016)
5. Defining and Building Competencies
Kanji, G. M. & Asher, M. (1996)
Customers’ Contingency Table
Kanji, G. M. & Asher, M. (1996)
Relation Diagram
Kanji, G. M. & Asher, M. (1996)
Suggestion Schemes
Kanji, G. M. & Asher, M. (1996)
Hoshin Kanari
Understanding and Engaging the Customer Experience
Kumar, V. (2014)
Metrics for Engaging Customers
Kumar, V. (2014)
Please Help Us Help You…
Mahajan, G. (2016)
Why is Value Creation Important for CEOs?
Mahajan, G. (2016)
How CEOs Can Value Create for Customers
Managing Projects in the Organisation
Cobb, A. T. (2012)
Determining the Direction and Initial Specifications of a Project
Cobb, A. T. (2012)
Project Scheduling
Workplace Culture and Organisational Efficiency
Branine, M. (2011)
The Meaning and Importance of Managing Across Cultures
Alvesson, M. (2013)
Organizational Culture and Leadership
Coghlan, D. (2016)
Experiencing the Organizational Underworld
Scandura, T. (2016)
Cross-Cultural Differences and Adjustments
Knowledge and Information Management for the Workplace
Roberts, J. (2015)
Knowledge Acquisition, Retention and Transfer
Journal Articles

Developing Workplace Critical Thinking
Shaw, R. D. (2014)
How Critical is Critical Thinking?
Mencl, J. & Lester, S. W. (2014)
More Alike Than Different: What Generations Value and How the Values Affect Employee Workplace Perceptions
Alred, G. J. (1973)
Bridging Cultures: The Academy and The Workplace
Stieger, S., Kastner, C. K, Voracek, M. & Furnham, A. (2011)
Association between Just World Beliefs and Perceptions of Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors
Developing Relationships and Workplace Achievement
Alagaraja, M. & Githens, R. P. (2016)
Capacity and Capability Building for National HRD: A Multilevel Conceptual Framework
Jackson, D. A. (2017)
Using Work-Integrated Learning to Enhance Career Planning among Business Undergraduates
Understanding and Engaging in the Customer Experience
Kotler, P. (2017)
Customer Value Management
Keiningham, T., Aksoy, L. & Cadet, F. (2017)
Operationalizing Relative Customer Value
Managing Projects in the Organisation
Miller, J. A. (2017)
Lessons from Management 101: Learning to Manage Ourselves
Workplace Culture and Organisational Efficiency
Kim, S. & McLean, G. N. (2013)
The Impact of National Culture on Informal Learning in the Workplace
Bendassolli P. F. (2016)
Work and Culture: Approaching Cultural and Work Psychology
Wallace, M. & Leicht, K. T. (2004)
Culture Wars in the Workplace? Cultural Antecedents of Workers’ Job Entitlement
Nguyen, T. D. N. & Aoyama, A. (2014)
Impact of Corporate Culture on the Relationship between Efficient Technology Transfer and Business Performance
Knowledge and Information Management for the Workplace
Yang, B., Zheng, W. & Viere, C. (2009)
Holistic Views of Knowledge Management Models
Pandey, K. N. (2014)
Knowledge Management Process: A Case Study of NTPC and POWERGRID
Joshi, H., Farooquie, J. A. & Chawla, D. (2016)
Use of Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage: The Case Study of Max Life Insurance