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Stephen Wearing University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Stephen Wearing is an Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). His research and projects are in the area of Leisure and Tourism Studies, with a PhD focused on sustainable forms of tourism. Stephen has taught at a variety of universities in his career at UTS, including Wageningen University, Netherlands; Newcastle and Macquarie University, Australia. In 2000, he received an excellence in teaching award (UTS) and in 2008 a National Teaching Award while his teaching of international students at the World Leisure's and Tourism International Centre of Excellence (WICE) and Australian Conservation Training Institute (ACTI) has also been applauded. As Chair, Advisor and Board Member of Youth Challenge Australia (YCA) for over 20 years he has overseen its development into an NGO in the area of volunteer tourism and social development, working with communities in 9 developing countries. His work with range of steering committees including the wildlife steering committee for the CRC Sustainable Tourism, Australia; WICE advisory committee on training, Netherlands and the Australian Conservation Training Institute has given him useful experience in his academic career and service to the community. He is a Fellow and Life Member of Parks and Leisure Australasia and editor of its journal.