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Simon Western Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd

Simon Western is CEO and founder of Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd, an avant-garde coaching company whose purpose is to ‘coach leaders to act in good faith to create the good  He is an internationally recognized thought leader on leadership, coaching and organizational behaviour. Taking his unique experience and an unusual theoretical position into the workplace, he draws on critical theory, networked theory, social movement theory and psychoanalysis to help leaders develop new insights, act ethically and create progressive change in organizations. 


Simon leads advanced coaching and leadership training courses to develop new ‘Eco-leadership’ approaches to help leaders adapt to today’s disruptive, network society. With over 200 registered coaches across the globe, Analytic-Network Coaching is growing fast. He shares his thinking as an international keynote speaker, academic and is author of three acclaimed books; Global Leadership Perspectives, Insights and Analysis (with Eric-Jean Gautier),  Leadership: A Critical Text (3rd edn: Sage, 2019) and Coaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text (Sage 2012).  Simon works directly with senior leaders on radical change strategies, organizational change and in-depth on personal and leadership challenges, drawing on his psychotherapist background.