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Rabi S. Bhagat University of Memphis, USA

Rabi S. Bhagat is Professor of Management, The Fogelman College of Business and Economics, The University of Memphis. He is Fellow, American Psychological Society, 2003, Fellow, International Academy for Intercultural Research, 2001, Fellow, American Psychological Association, 1998 and Fellow, The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association, 1997. Professor Bhagat was awarded the James McKeen Cattell Award for Research Design from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology of the American Psychological Association, 1979. His research is on Human Stress and Cognition in Organizations, Cross-Cultural, Comparative, and International Management, and Knowledge Creation and Transfer in Global Enterprises. Professor Bhagat has published articles in many refereed journals. His published books include: Landis, D. and Bhagat, R. S. (1996) (Editors) Handbook of Intercultural Training, (second edition) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Quick, J.C., Bhagat, R. S., Dalton, J.E., & Quick, J.D. (1987) (Editors). Work Stress: Health Care Systems in the Workplace. New York, Praeger Special Studies, Praeger Scientific Publishers. 1987. Beehr, T. A., and Bhagat, R. S. (1985) (Editors) Human Stress and Cognition in Organizations: An Integrative Perspective. New York: John Wiley Interscience Series on Organizational Assessment and Change. (Series editors: Edward E. Lawler and Stanley E. Seashore). 1985.