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Neal Riemer Drew University, USA

Neal Riemer (late) was the Andrew V. Stout Professor of Political Philosophy at Drew University. After receiving a PhD from Harvard University, he taught at the Pennsylvania State University; the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; University of Innsbruck, Austria; and Drew University. His books include Problems of American Government (editor); World Affairs: Problems and Prospects (coauthor); The Revival of Democratic Theory; The Democratic Experiment; The Future of the Democratic Revolution: Toward a More Prophetic Politics; New Thinking and Developments in International Politics: Opportunities and Dangers (editor/coauthor); Karl Marx and Prophetic Politics; James Madison: Creating the American Constitution; Creative Breakthroughs in Politics; Let Justice Roll: Prophetic Challenges in Religion, Politics, and Society (editor/coauthor); and Protection Against Genocide: Mission Impossible (editor).