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Mark N. K. Saunders University of Birmingham, UK

Mark N. K. Saunders is a professor of Business Research Methods and director of PhD Programmes at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK. His research interests include research methods, in particular participant selection and methods for understanding intraorganizational relationships, trust and organizational learning, and small business success. He has published in journals such as British Journal of Management, Field Methods, Human Performance, Human Relations, Journal of Small Business Management, Management Learning, Social Science and Medicine, and Annals of Tourism Research. He has coauthored a number of books including Research Methods for Business Students (currently in its 8th edition) and, with Bill Lee Conducting Case Studies for Business and Management. He is the joint editor with Bill Lee and Vadake Narayanan of SAGE’s Understanding Research Methods for Business and Management Students book series and editor for Edward Elgar’s Handbooks of Research Methods series.