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Maggie O'Neill University College Cork, Ireland, University College Cork, Loughborough University, UK

Maggie O’Neill is Chair in Sociology/Criminology in the Department of Sociology, University of York and has conducted participatory and feminist work on sex work with sex workers, practitioners, communities, artists and other researchers since 1989. Her inter-disciplinary research career has developed along a threefold path: the development of cultural, criminological and feminist theory; the development of innovative methodologies for doing social research – including visual, biographical and performative (walking) methodologies (ethno-mimesis); and the development of praxis (policy) interventions in practice and policy. She co-founded and co-chairs the Sex Work Research hub with Rosie Campbell and Teela Sanders. She is a board member of the North East Sex Work Forum, co-founded the Crime Research Network and co-chairs the Migration Research Network at the University of York. Maggie has a long history of conducting participatory, biographical and arts-based research working in collaboration with artists, communities and criminal justice agencies on asylum and migration.