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K Sathyanarayana Writer and Corporate Trainer

K Sathyanarayana is writer and corporate trainer based in Bangalore. He is also Joint Managing Director, Leonardo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. 

Mr Sathyanarayana has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked at Kriloskar Brothers Ltd. from 1958 till 1994 until he retired as Corporate Vice President, Human Resource Development. During his long tenure at the company, he was responsible for heading divisions like product engineering, and research and development. 

He has developed a large number of managerial development programs and has written and presented many technical papers at national and international seminars. 

Mr Sathyanarayana has written a book on the unique sense of humor of Mahatma Gandhi, and published a number of articles on the sense of humor of well-known personalities like Albert Einstein, C.V. Raman, Thomas A. Edison, and Swami Vivekananda, among others. His interests include teaching and horticulture.