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Judith A. Clair Boston College, USA

Judith Clair received a B.A. in psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Ph.D. in business management from the University of Southern California. She joined the Department of Organization Studies at Boston College in 1993 and served as the Department Chairperson for four years. She has consulted for organizations in the areas of crisis management, natural environmental management, fraud detection, and performance enhancement. Her current research interests include how individuals manage identities at work and how individuals and organizations experience, make sense of and take action on critical organizational events like organizational crises and downsizings. Her publications have appeared in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Organizational Dynamics, Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Advances in Qualitative Organizational Research, and Industrial and Environmental Crisis Quarterly. Dr. Clair teaches courses in organizational behavior, leadership, and management of multicultural diversity. She teaches at the undergraduate, MBA, Ph.D. and executive levels. She is a faculty partner with Leadership for Change, an executive education program in the Carroll School of Management.