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Jeffry Dean Wulfhorst University of Idaho, USA

J.D. Wulfhorst is Professor of Rural Sociology and Chair of the Board of Advisors for the Social Science Research Unit (SSRU) at the University of Idaho. He received a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Appalachian State University, an MS in Sociology from the University of Kentucky, and a PhD in Rural Sociology from Utah State University. He has expertise in risk perceptions, constraints to adoption of technology in farm systems, conflict in rangeland management, and the negotiated order(s) of natural resource management. Recently, he has begun work in the area of climate science related to agricultural systems, societal adaptation, and community resilience. He has developed a niche as a social scientist collaborating with interdisciplinary teams addressing natural resource and agricultural challenges within the western United States. As a member of this editorial team, J.D. has developed an interest to pursue ongoing analyses of team-based research processes especially with respect to how social dynamics affect groups with turnover and institutional change.