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Jake Chen Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Dr. Jake Y. Chen is a Professor of Genetics and Computer Science, Chief Bioinformatics Officer of the newly established Informatics Institute, and Head of the Informatics Section of the Genetics Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He holds a BS degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Peking University, and both MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He has more than 20 years of bioinformatics R&D experience, including biological data mining, computational systems biology, and translational bioinformatics, with more than 150 peer-reviewed publications. His research focuses on building quantitative biomolecular systems models from genomic and clinical big data, thus helping understand, simulate, and predict complex disease biology outcomes. Prior to join UAB, he holds tenured faculty positions at Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing and at Purdue University Computer and Information Science Department. He is also an entrepreneur who created several startup companies to make emerging biomedical data easy to interpret and use by growing Medicine 2.0 stakeholders.