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Gina Higginbottom University of Nottingham, UK

Gina Higginbottom holds a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Ethnicity and Health and is Professor in the Faculty of Nursing, at the University of Alberta. Gina's research portfolio focuses on ethnic minority populations and immigrant health using participatory models of research and ethnography. She has a particular focus on the broad issue of social exclusion and equity in health care, lay understandings of health and illness. A second theme in her research portfolio has focused on maternal health and well being including parenting issues, early parenthood and postnatal depression in different ethnic minority groups. Gina has been Principal Investigator on 17 nationally and internationally funded qualitative research studies, currently she holds three Canadian Institute for Health grants. Gina is Assistant Editor of Ethnicity and Health journal and co-chair of the IIQM's 2013 Thinking Qualitative Conference 2013 and an Affiliate Scholar of IIQM as well as an advisory board member of IIQM. Gina is an experienced educator with a professional teaching qualification who has facilitated many undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in the UK and Canada.