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Evelina Atanassova University of Massachusetts Global

Evelina Atanassova is an associate professor of human resources and business administration

at University of Massachusetts Global. In this role, she takes different leadership

assignments, including the curriculum development of the School of Business and

Professional Studies, program reviews, and development of instructional media and

instruments. Evelina specializes in teaching business administration, human resources,

management, and data analysis. Her research interests include organization management

and organization behavior theories; she is currently investigating social networking

strategies as a response to professional demands and individual goals, as well as social

network configurations. Her research has been presented at major academic conferences,

such as the Academy of Management, the European Group for Organization Studies,

the International Network for Social Network Analysis, and the Paris Conference on


Earlier in her career, Evelina gained operational leadership experience in human

resource management as an HR manager for a large European telecommunications company.

In that capacity, she was responsible for developing and implementing large-scale

strategic initiatives spanning diverse HR disciplines, including job evaluation and grading,

performance management, competency models, and leadership development. Evelina

holds a PhD in management from HEC Paris in Paris, France, as well as an MA in organizational

leadership from Chapman University in Irvine, California, an MA in human

resource management from the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a BA in

sociology from Sofia University in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a life-long learner, Evelina is passionate

about supporting students with their drive for knowledge and developing the leaders

of tomorrow. She is grateful to Gene and Cynthia for selecting her as a coauthor of this

exciting new edition of Organizational Change: An Action Oriented Toolkit.