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Asby, Dana

Dana L. Asby Director of Innovation & Research Support, Center for Educational Improvement

Dana Asby, M.A., M.Ed., is the Director of Innovation and Research Support for the Center for Educational Improvement where she conducts research and writing, oversees management of the School Compassionate Culture Analytical Tool for Educators (S-CCATE) assessment, and is the copy editor of the Compassion Action newsletter. She is also Education Coordinator at the New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center where she helps manage several projects including the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative. She is co-founder of Parent in the Moment, where she teaches families how to use mindfulness to reduce stress and increase the bond of love. She studied child development and neuroscience under Dr. Kimberly Noble in the Neurocognition, Early Experience, and Development lab, as well as early childhood and family policy under Drs. Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Lynn Kagan at Teachers College, Columbia University and educational psychology and creativity under Dr. Bonnie Cramond at the University of Georgia. She was a preschool, early elementary, and junior high school classroom teacher in Missouri, Georgia, New York, and Japan. She is also a trauma-informed yoga teacher, trained at Shaktibarre and Exhale to Inhale.