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Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres
Identifying Potential and Developing Competency

October 2002 | 200 pages | SAGE Response
Today`s knowledge-driven organisations recognise the importance of managing competence strategically. To harness potential and develop competencies, a technique which organisations are increasingly resorting to is—assessment centres. In this lucid book, the author covers in detail the evolution of the technique and takes the reader through the entire procedure of employing assessment centre in an organisation which includes:

- The identification of competencies

- Design parameters

- Approaches

- The conduct of assessment centres


G V Prasad


What is an Assessment Centre?

Why Have an Assessment Centre?

What are Competencies?

Designing the Assessment Centre

What are the Assessment Centre Assignments?

Documentation in a Typical Assessment Centre

How are Assessors Trained?

How is an Assessment Centre Organised?

How Do We Assess Competencies?

What is the Output of an Assessment Centre?

Life After the Assessment Centre

The Management of Talent

Value of Assessment Centres

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