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Approaches to Fieldwork

Approaches to Fieldwork

Four Volume Set
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September 2014 | 1 664 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

These four volumes map how the fieldwork approach to research has developed and matured over the past decades. Following on from the success of 2004’s major work, Fieldwork (ed. Christopher Pole), the aim of this collection is to acknowledge the legacy and the traditions from which fieldwork emerged, but moreover to critically discuss how best fieldwork can move look to engage with the lives as they are now lived. Though the generic task of fieldwork remains as it was – the challenge to ‘get inside’ and seek understanding about the social world - the literature included in these volumes also engages with the whys, whats and hows of using ‘new’ digital data, placing current debates in context. The seminal articles included in this collection are further discussed and contextualised through the editor’s introduction, which outlines the rationale for selection and provides an illuminating overview of the field.

Volume One:  Theoretical ideas and the emergence of the fieldwork tradition

Volume Two:  Technique and technologies

Volume Three:  The purpose, task and ambitions of fieldwork

Volume Four:  Outcomes: style, quality and impact 

Articulating Theory, Practice and Objectivity in the Ethnography of Education as a Community of Practice Dennis Beach
The Public and Private in C. Wright Mills’s Life and Work John Brewer
Village on the Border, Anthropology at the Crossroads: The Significance of a Classic British Ethnography Anthony Cohen
The Methodological Impact of Feminism: A Troubling Issue for Sociology? Rachel Lara Cohen, Christina Hughes and Richard Lampard
The Only Honest Thing: Autoethnography, Reflexivity and Small Crises in Fieldwork Sara Delamont
Searching for Realism, Structure and Agency in Actor Network Theory Dave Elder-Vass
The Sad Demise, Mysterious Disappearance, and Glorious Triumph of Symbolic Internationalism Gary Fine
Towards a Peopled Ethnography: Developing Theory from Group Life Gary Fine
On Fieldwork Erving Goffman
Qualitative Inquiry: Where Are the Ruins? Maggie MacLure
Lifelong Learning to Labour: Apprenticeship, Masculinity and Communities of Practice Andrew Parker
Some Problems of Interpretative Historiography Paul Rock
The Life Histories of W. I. Thomas and Robert E. Park Paul Baker
Institutional Ethnography and Actor–Network Theory: A Framework for Researching the Assessment of Trainee Teachers Jonathan Tummons
The Geography of Disciplinary Amnesia: Eleven Scholars Reflect on the International State of Symbolic Interactionism Phillip Vannini
The Importance of Being a ‘Lady’: Hyper-Femininity and Heterosexuality in the Private, Single-Sex Primary School Alexandra Allan
Charting the Ludodrome: The Mediation of Urban and Simulated Space and Rise of the Flâneur Electronique Rowland Atkinson and Paul Willis
Why Are Social Scientists Still Reluctant to Embrace Email as Data? An Ethnographic Examination of Interactions within Virtual Teams Yee Wei (Carol) Au and Abigail Marks
“Either Side of Delphy Bridge”: A Deep Mapping Project Evoking and Engaging the Lives of Older Adults in Rural North Cornwall Jane Bailey and Iain Biggs
From Co-location to Co-presence: Shifts in the Use of Ethnography for the Study of Knowledge Anne Beaulieu
How I Learned What a Crock Was Howard Becker
Photo-Elicitation and the Agricultural Landscape: ‘Seeing’ and ‘Telling’ about Farming, Community and Place Ruth Beilin
Back to the Shed: Gendered Visions of Technology and Domesticity Genevieve Bell and Paul Dourish
Animating Suspension: Waiting for Mobilities David Bissell
Childern, Mobility and Space: Using GPS and Mobile Phone Technologies in Ethnographic Research Pia Christensen, Miguel R. Mikkelsen, Thomas Alexander, Sick Nielsen and Henrik Harder
Framing Rural Fashion: Observations from Badminton Horse Trials Alison Goodrum and Kevin Hunt
Digital Futures? Sociological Challenges and Opportunities in the Emergent Semantic Web Susan Halford, Catherine Pope and Mark Weal
Knowing the City: Maps, Mobility and Urban Outreach Work Tom Hall and Robin Smith
Using Internet Technologies (Such As Skype) as a Research Medium: A Research Note Paul Hanna
Talking about Pictures: A Case for Photo Elicitation Douglas Harper
Life Stories and Social Careers: Ageing and Social Life in an Ex-Mining Town Robin Humphrey
The Power of Corridors: Connecting Doors, Mobilising Materials, Plotting Openness Rachel Hurdley
Recording Technologies and the Interview in Sociology, 1920–2000 Raymond Lee
Fishmongers in a Global Economy: Craft and Social Relations on a London Market Dawn Lyon and Les Back
An Ethics of Intimacy: Online Dating, Viral-Sociality and Living with HIV Fadhila Mazanderani
Cementing Relations within a Sporting Field: Fell Running in the English Lake District and the Acquisition of Existential Capital Sarah Nettleton
Walking, Sensing, Belonging: Ethno-Mimesis as Performative Praxis Maggie O’Neill and Phil Hubbard
Being There, Teleography and the Wire Martin Parker
An Urban Tour; The Sensory Sociality of Ethnographic Place-Making Sarah Pink
New Avenues for Sociological Inquiry: Evolving Forms of Ethnographic Practice Laura Robinson and Jeremy Schulz
The Postmodern Ethnographic Flaneur and the Study of Hyper-Mediated Everyday Life Charles Soukup
Qualitative Research- Unity and Diversity Paul Atkinson
“The second Banbury Study”, Colin Bell Interviewed by Paul Thompson Paul Thompson
Emotion and Place Promotion: Passionate about a Former Coalfield Katy Bennett
Exaggerated Femininity and Tortured Masculinity: Embodying Gender in the Horseracing Industry Deborah Butler and Nickie Charles
(Net)Working Out: Social Capital in Private Health Club Nick Crossley
Going Back to Re-Study Communities: Challenges and Opportunities Graham Crow
The Smell of Sweat and Rum: Teacher Authority in Capoeira Classes Sara Delamont
Four Days in a Strange Place Locus Congressi
Mundane Mobilities, Performance and Spaces of Tourism Tim Edensor
Consumption Styles and the Fluid Complexity of Punk Authenticity William Force
Notes from the Sports Club: Confessional Tales of Two Researchers Darla Fortune and Heather Mair
Ethnography in Evolution: Adapting to the Animal “Other” in Organizations Lindsay Hamilton and Nick Taylor
Anthropology, Class and the ‘Big Heads’: An Ethnography of Distinctions between ‘Rough’ and ‘Posh’ amongst Women Workers in the UK Pottery Industry Elizabeth Hart
Seeking the Analytic Imagination: Reflections on the Process of Interpreting Qualitative Data Allison James
Constructing the Sick Child: The Cultural Politics of Children’s Hospitals Allison James and Penny Curtis
If No Means No, Does Yes Mean Yes? Consenting to Research Intimacies Julia O’Connell Davidson
You Are What You Research: A Researcher Partisanship and the Sociology of the Underdog Karen Lumsden
Ethnographic Returning, Qualitative Longitudinal Research and the Reflective Analysis of Social Practice Karen O’Reilly
Close But Not Too Close: Friendship as Method(ology) in Ethnographic Research Encounters Helen Owten and Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson
Everyday Risks and Professional Dilemmas: Fieldwork with Alcohol-based (Sporting) Subcultures Catherine Palmer and Kirrilly Thompson
How to Look Good (Nearly) Naked: The Performative Regulation of the Swimmer’s Body Susie Scott
Goffman’s Interaction Order at the Margins: Stigma, Role, and Normalization in the Outreach Encounter Robin Smith
Uncovering a Hidden “I” in Contemporary Urban Ethnography Alford Young, Jr
Introduction: What Is the Empirical? Lisa Adkins and Celia Lury
The Globalization of Qualitative Research Pertti Alasuutari
The Mastersingers: Language and Practice in an Operatic Masterclass Paul Atkinson
Identifying and Comparing Scandinavian Ethnography: Comparisons and Influences Dennis Beach
For Public Sociology Michael Burawoy
Half-Remembrance of Things Past: Critics and Cuts of Old John Eldridge
On the Run: Wanted Men in a Philadelphia Ghetto Alice Goffman
On Becker’s Studies of Marijuana Use as an Example of Analytic Induction Martyn Hammersley
Local Knowledge and Local Power: Notes on the Ethnography of Local Community Elites Albert Hunter
The New Mobilities Paradigm Mimi Sheller and John Urry
Seeing Differently: Ethnography and Explanatory Power Beverley Skeggs
Novel Ethnographic Representations and the Dilemmas of Judgement Andrew Sparkes
New Methods, Old Problems: A Sceptical View of Innovation in Qualitative Research Max Travers
De-Intellectualizing American Sociology: A History, of Sorts Stephen Turner
Questioning Research with Children: Discrepancy between Theory and Practice? Emma Uprichard
Popularizing Ethnography: Reflections on Writing for Popular Audiences in Magazines and Blogs Phillip Vannini
Scrutinizing the Street: Poverty, Morality, and the pitfalls of Urban Ethnography Loïc Wacquant
The Curious Eclipse of Prison Ethnography in the Age of Mass Incarceration Loïc Wacquant
Innovation in Qualitative Research Methods: A Narrative Review Rose Wiles, Graham Crow and Helen Pain

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