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Applied Statistics

Applied Statistics
Business and Management Research

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May 2022 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written for the non-mathematician and free of unexplained technical jargon, Applied Statistics: Business and Management Research provides a user-friendly introduction to the field of applied statistics and data analysis.

Featuring step-by-step explanations of how to carry out successful quantitative research, and supported by examples from IBM® SPSS® Statistics, this textbook is an essential resource for students and researchers of business and management.

A range of online resources for both students and lecturers, including a teaching guide, PowerPoint slides and datasets, are available via the companion website. 

Andrew R. Timming is Professor of Human Resource Management and Deputy Dean Research & Innovation in the School of Management at RMIT University, Australia.
Part I: Foundations
Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistics
Chapter 2: Exploring IBM SPSS
Chapter 3: Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Representations
Chapter 4: The Principle of Statistical Inference
Part II: Comparing Means
Chapter 5: The T-Test
Chapter 6: Analysis of Variance
Part III: Non-Parametric and Correlational Relationships
Chapter 7: Chi-Square
Chapter 8: Simple Regression and Pearson’s r
Part IV: Multivariate Modeling
Chapter 9: Multiple Regression
Chapter 10: Logistic Regression
Chapter 11: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses
Chapter 12: Structural Equation Modeling

This is an excellent book.
Excellent instructor's materials.
Fantastic hands on activities for students.
I have recommended it to all my students and I use it in my teaching.

Dr Mohamed Hawela
Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University
July 11, 2023

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