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Applied Statistics Using R

Applied Statistics Using R
A Guide for the Social Sciences

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November 2021 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

If you want to learn to use R for data analysis but aren’t sure how to get started, this practical book will help you find the right path through your data.

Drawing on real-world data to show you how to use different techniques in practice, it helps you progress your programming and statistics knowledge so you can apply the most appropriate tools in your research.

It starts with descriptive statistics and moves through regression to advanced techniques such as structural equation modelling and Bayesian statistics, all with digestible mathematical detail for beginner researchers.

The book:

  • Shows you how to use R packages and apply functions, adjusting them to suit different datasets.
  • Gives you the tools to try new statistical techniques and empowers you to become confident using them.
  • Encourages you to learn by doing when running and adapting the authors’ own code.
  • Equips you with solutions to overcome the potential challenges of working with real data that may be messy or imperfect.
Accompanied by online resources including screencast tutorials of R that give you step by step guidance and R scripts and datasets for you to practice with, this book is a perfect companion for any student of applied statistics or quantitative research methods courses.
Chapter 1: Introduction to R
Chapter 2: Importing and working with data in R
Chapter 3: How does R work?
Chapter 4: Data management
Chapter 5: Data visualisation with ggplot2
Chapter 6: Descriptive statistics
Chapter 7: Simple (bivariate) regression
Chapter 8: Multiple linear regression
Chapter 9: Dummy-variable regression
Chapter 10: Moderation/interaction analysis using regression
Chapter 11: Logistic regression
Chapter 12: Multilevel and longitudinal analysis
Chapter 13: Factor analysis
Chapter 14: Structural equation modelling
Chapter 15: Bayesian statistics


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Instructor Resources (Log-in needed)

  • PowerPoint slides featuring figures and tables from the book
  • Case studies of applied statistics research with accompanying critical thinking questions
  • test bank of multiple-choice questions for each chapter 
  • Suggestions for further reading

Student Resources (Free to access)

  • Downloadable R files with example code from the book
  • Links to the datasets used in the book
  • Weblinks to video lectures for more detail and support on topics

This book is the best I’ve seen for R, both in its clarity and coverage of topics. Practically oriented, with a profusion of examples and an engaging narrative, it is a must-have for all those studying applied social sciences.

Sergio Venturini
Associate Professor of Statistics, Department of Management, Università degli Studi di Torino

A good, no-nonsense overview covering the most important aspects of social statistics in R (using tidyverse).

Dr Christine Huebner
Sheffield Methods Institute, Sheffield University
September 7, 2022

Out faculty prefers using other statistical tools than R.
At the same time, I still recommend to my students to use R when they are interested in getting to know different tools, and in this case I also recommend the manual.

Dr Orsolya Czegledi
Physical Education, University of Lille II
February 4, 2022

For social sciences, the nature of applied statistics is essential in their appreciation of setting up independent research dissertations. Excellent approach for students with non mathematics background.

Dr Seidu Salifu
He & Teacher Training, NESCOT
October 16, 2022

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