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An Introduction to Qualitative Research

An Introduction to Qualitative Research

Sixth Edition
  • Uwe Flick - Freie Universtität Berlin, Germany
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December 2018 | 696 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The definitive guide to the full qualitative research process, from design to dissemination, this is everything you need to understand how good quality research is produced, and how to use and enrich your own work with it.

New to this edition:

-       A new structure follows the research process step-by-step

-        Brand new chapter on digital methods and social media data explores cutting-edge research

-        Multi-disciplinary case studies give you real research examples whatever your subject

-        Focused reading exercises help you explore the literature and build a better bibliography

-        Integrated online resources, to master the key concepts, discover real research and track your progress

 An Introduction to Qualitative Research has everything a social science student needs to understand and explore the richness of qualitative research.

Chapter 1 Why and how to do qualitative research
Chapter 2 The qualitative-quantitative distinction
Chapter 3 Theoretical frameworks
Chapter 4 Methods and data in qualitative research
Chapter 5 Texts as data in qualitative research
Chapter 6 Formulating a research question
Chapter 7 Choosing and constructing the research design
Chapter 8 Planning the process in qualitative research
Chapter 9 Ethics of doing qualitative research
Chapter 10 Using the existing literature
Chapter 11 Entering the field
Chapter 12 Sampling
Chapter 13 Extending qualitative designs with triangulation
Chapter 14 Collecting verbal data
Chapter 15 Doing interviews
Chapter 16 Doing focus groups
Chapter 17 Using narrative data
Chapter 18 Collecting data beyond talk
Chapter 19 Observation and ethnography
Chapter 20 Visual data: photography, film and video
Chapter 21 Using documents as data
Chapter 22 Digital and social media research
Chapter 23 Analyzing qualitative data
Chapter 24 Transcription and data management
Chapter 25 Grounded theory coding
Chapter 26 Thematic coding and content analysis
Chapter 27 Using naturally occurring data: conversation, discourse and hermeneutic analysis
Chapter 28 Using software in qualitative data analysis
Chapter 29 Quality of qualitative research: criteria and beyond
Chapter 30 Writing qualitative research
Chapter 31 State of the art and the future

Not enough student resources. Powerpoint slides are very minimal.

Christopher Lamb
Psychology Department, Cal State Polytechnic-Pomona
July 30, 2020

Informative and accessible

Dr Zoey Spendlove
Academic Div. of Midwifery (City Hospital), Nottingham University
September 23, 2019

This is a comprehensive introduction to qualitative research. There is a clear rationale for the given approaches to research with well constructed exercises designed to consolidate learning. The subjects are covered at sufficient depth for master's level research.

Dr mary Glover
Department of Psychology and Counselling, Newman University
November 26, 2019

I use this within my research team to introduce researchers more familiar with quantitative methods to qualitiative research when required. As well as recommending it to PhD students.

Dr Matthew Watkins
Product Design, Nottingham Trent University
July 15, 2019

Good overall summary of main features of qualitative research. Accessible and helpful

Mr Robin Sen
Department of Sociological Studies, Sheffield University
July 15, 2019

This textbook has had a really useful makeover from its previous edition and continues to offer aspects of theory in a clear and succinct way. Useful for a range of students but particularly undergraduate and masters level.

Dr Simone Coetzee
Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
May 7, 2020

Good overview for students starting research.

Mr Bernard Pennington
School of Human and Health Sciences, Huddersfield University
January 25, 2020

An excellent all-in-one book with the latest research available on qualitative research.

Dr Elfrieda Fleischmann
Geography and research, Cedar College
June 11, 2019

This book was adopted as a recommended text and a request made for a library purchase. A prescribed text for the HSIP902 Research project module needs to include secondary research methods.

Dr Patricia McClunie-Trust
Centre for Health and Social Practice, Waikato Institute of Technology
June 29, 2020

Clear and understandable manual for first time researchers

Dr Memory Mabika
Communication and Applied Language Studies, University of Venda
June 14, 2019