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An EasyGuide to Research Presentations

An EasyGuide to Research Presentations

April 2014 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
An EasyGuide to Research Presentations is an invaluable tool for helping readers learn the ropes of presenting original research and experience the thrill of becoming part of a strong scientific community. With coverage from poster presentations and symposia to oral and video presentations, this handbook offers a concise, easy-to-read guide on professionally presenting research in virtually all formats. Drawing from their own experiences as researchers, authors Janie H. Wilson and Beth M. Schwartz use a conversational style to address such topics as how to connect with an audience, presentation pitfalls, publishing and sharing results, and more.
1. Sharing the Wealth: Orientation to the Guide
2. Do Not Let Fear Stop You: Overcoming Anxiety
3. How Do I Get Started?
4. Posters Are Not Just for Dorm-Room Walls
5. Adding Pizzazz to Posters
6. Oral Presentations with PowerPoint
7. Prezi Presentations: An Alternative to PowerPoint
8. Keynote Presentations: Slides for Mac
9. Effective Oral Presentations: Preparing for Your Performance
10. The Day Before Your Presentation
11. The Day of Your Presentation
12. The Day After Your Presentation
13. Video Yourself: Asynchronous Presentations
14. Publishing: The Ultimate Presentation
A. Checklists for Papers and Oral Presentations
B. Assessment of Posters and Oral Presentations: Rubrics

“Presentations can be overwhelming to students . . . the tone [of this book] may help to relieve some anxiety . . . This text is excellent for both novice and more experienced students. It will be a very useful manual for students who are required to prepare a poster presentation for course fulfillment [and] also for students who present research at regional and national meetings.”

Angela M. Sikorski
Texas A&M University

“This is a major component to my course—oral and poster presentations—and something my department is looking to enhance within our majors.”

Christopher Klein
Marietta College

“I like the comprehensive approach to presentations . . . from personal prep beforehand, to creation, to following up afterward.”

Anthony D. Hermann
Bradley University

This guide helps students to understand better the publishing process and to realize that publishing is an outlet that they, too, can strive to accomplish and that it is not a privilege reserved only for advanced researchers. Upon completion of this guide, students will be better equipped with the skills to share their own research, from the classroom to a conference to a professional journal.

Renee Boburka, East Stroudsburg University, USA
Psychology Learning and Teaching

very nice an convenient collection of how to present one's research.

Dr Stefan Zimmermann
Agriculture, Georg-August-University Göttingen
July 3, 2019

Just what our students needs, easy guide to oral and poster presentations. Suitable material for PC and Mac users, includes material for students planning to publish their work. Very compact guide for all students planning their research presentation.

Mrs Adalheidur Sigurdardottir
Faculty of Odontology, University of Iceland
April 8, 2015

The volume on 'Research Presentations' offers information on and insight into various perspectives and variations in instruments and tools for presentations of research outcomes as well as proceedings in theory discourses. It integrates the psychological perspectives of presentations in chapters "overcoming fear of public speaking" and "professionalism and managing your audience". It further includes step-by-step instructions on how to submit work for potential publication and checklists for poster and talk presentations. Against the background of alternative well known handbooks with a comparable focus this volume distinguishes positively as it is not centered around the generally most prominent presentation tool 'Power Point', but considers alternative programs like Prezi and Keynote for Mac oral presentations. Thus true alternatives are offered and contrasted with the well known PPT. Further, the explicit emphasis on poster presentations is to be highlighted. This alternative option for presentations has developed to be a true alternative to oral presentations especially at prominent conferences with a high number of offers for presentation and academic contributions. In this perspective the volume offers detailed advices and recommendations including an assessment checklist parallel to the checklist for oral presentations. The volume is highly recommendable both to students and lecturers.

Professor Sabine Troeger, Dr.
Geography Institute - Library, University of Bonn
October 22, 2014

A useful addition to research methods module reading lists

Mrs Carolyn Felton
Osteopathy, NESCOT
October 8, 2014

As students have to make presentations about their research projects, I believe this book will provide them a easy to follow guide, which the students will find helpful and therefore I will recommend it.

Ms Marilia Angove
Faculty of Business & Society - Business School, University of South Wales
August 13, 2014

This is a really good "hands-on" book to use for researchers who are unexperienced in preparing presentations. It´s also a reminder of the fact that "there is more to life than power-point".

Dr Ragnheiður Arnardóttir
School of Health Sciences, Univ. of Akureyri
July 4, 2014

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