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ADHD: A Challenging Journey

ADHD: A Challenging Journey

June 2003 | 162 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`There is no other text that can inform, educate and involve so effectively about the needs of ADHD children in mainstream classrooms. I would recommend that it is included on reading lists for trainee teachers, and is promoted by Special Needs Co-ordinators in schools. - Jane Spencer, De Montfort University

`A remarkable story told with honesty, candour and real strength. It is powerful' - Rt. Revd. Christopher Herbert, Bishop of St Albans

A fascinating and thought-provoking book written by the mother of an eleven year-old with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This book is cleverly constructed and looks at ADHD from many perspectives.

It follows a 22-hour expedition, but it is also a journey of discovery for Anna's family about how to best help their son.

Peppered with humour, irony, laughter, pain, outrage, discussion and reflection, this book shows a way through the maze of ADHD, and provides a reader-friendly but challenging read.

Chapter 1
The Journey is Conceived

Chapter 2
Unpacking the Baggage of ADHD

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Immoral? Illegal? Dangerous? Destructive?

Chapter 5
Babblebrook Station: The Rules Established

Chapter 6
On the Train: Babblebrook to Catchley

Chapter 7
Catchley Station and The Bellowing Killjoy

Chapter 8
On the Train: Catchley to Stiltington

Chapter 9
An Unintentional Rejection

Chapter 10
Metanoia (Repentance)

Chapter 11
Guests of Honour

Chapter 12
A Question of Human Rights

Chapter 13
A National Neurology? (Letter to Jenny)

Chapter 14
Wet Conditions

Chapter 15
The Hunters, The Gatherers, The Rainbow and the Tardis

Chapter 16
Darkness by the Canal

Chapter 17
A Ride on the Tappenham Omnibus

Chapter 18

Chapter 19
Journeys into Hell

Chapter 20
Resurrection and New Life...With a Vengeance!

Chapter 21
A Breakfast Interrupted

Chapter 22
Education, Money and the Criminal Injustice System

Chapter 23
Philosophy in the Washroom

Chapter 24
A Population Explosion of ADDers?

Chapter 25
Horns or Thorns?