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Achieving Positive Outcomes for Children in Care

Achieving Positive Outcomes for Children in Care

August 2009 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
For over a decade and with the best of intentions, the U.K. government has spent millions attempting, but largely failing, to improve personal, social and educational outcomes for children and young people in public care. In this book, the authors explain why the problems of this highly vulnerable group have resisted such effort, energy and expenditure and go on to show how achieving positive outcomes for children in care is possible when the root causes of failure are tackled.

Topic covered include:

- The power of parenting

- The impact of parental rejection on emotional development

- Support for the adaptive emotional development of children and young people

- Practical advice on introducing the 'Authentic Warmth' approach into existing childcare organisations

- Future issues in childcare

This book is essential reading for carers, commissioners, policymakers, support professionals, educational psychologists, designated teachers and students of social work.

Professional Childcare: When?
The Power of Parenting
The Pillars of Parenting
Managing Challenging and Self-Limiting Behaviour
Supporting Adaptive Emotional Development
The Education Dimension
Psychological Consultation and Support
Theory into Practice
Into the Future

'I really like this book as it gives a clear practical approach to caring for children. The Authentic Warmth model is something that I constantly talk about in my training of Counsellors who work with Children. There are many things that are relevent and useful for my Trainee Counsellors to know and I have recommended this book to them. The Pillars of Parenting is a good model that is accessible and relevent to many professionals/people who work with children. I will be recommending it to future trainees and those I come into contact with' - Amazon Review

'This book has been needed for many years and it's timing is excellent. It gives a very good analysis of what is needed to provide children in care a real chance of success in the 21st century.

The 'Authentic Warmth' model needs to become the way forward in the future and the blend of psychology and practical application throughout the book creates a clear understanding of what needs to happen and why. Furthermore, the focus on the 'Pillars of Parenting' provides an outline for all parents to consider and excellent background study for anyone supporting parents.

I have already begun recommending this book to everyone II meet in the children in care workforce and have no hesitation in recommending it to others of similar ilk' - Amazon Customer Review

'Cameron and Maginn join a growing library of recent essential texts rethinking and redefining our understanding of the words 'Children in Public Care.' Here is a genuine journey of discovery for new thinking from diverse disciplines previously untapped by the English tradition of residential child care theory and practice.

We are presented with a fresh contemporary well-researched and referenced theory of practice providing the clarity of purpose necessary for all working with Children in Care. Their new perspectives will confirm and challenge in equal measure even those who previously may have thought they have read widely in this area. They have enhanced the body of established knowledge making the whole stronger still.

Their distinction of 'caring' and 'parenting' is significant. It allows us to see that we have neglected the 'parenting' necessary in the 'caring.' Parenting here is a verb not a noun and is not left on the page but to be taken into daily life' - Jonathan Stanley, Manager of the, National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care and Children's Residential Network, National Children's Bureau

'A long overdue text book for those involved in working with children and young people in residential care in the UK, bringing together psychology and social care into an early pedagogic child care model in this country. Pillars of Parenting sets out a systematic structure to improve the quality of 'professional parenting' children need; through specific research based psychology, training and supervision and an expert clinical overview. This dynamically focused and purposeful care can start to deliver happier more resilient children, feeling genuinely loved and cared for - even when they are in public care' - Pamela McConnell, Founder of Five Rivers Child Care, an independent social enterprise for children in care.

'The book is clearly written and accessible, yet packed with useful theory and background. Whether you are a residential worker keen to develop personal knowledge and skills, or a manager or owner searching for a credible model of care to improve practice and outcomes in your homes, this is a thought-provoking text and is well worth a read' - Children and Young People Now

A great resource for trainees and qualified practitioners alike who are working with looked after children.

Dr Jessica McCarrick
Department of Psychology, University of Teesside
December 17, 2014

Well applied developmental theories for the specific needs for children in care.

Ms Jodie Low
Applied Social and Community Studies, Derby University
September 18, 2013

useful narrative that encourages reflection in and on practice.

underpinning values, beliefes and knowledge are included helping stduents develop informed practice.

Mr Sharon Munro
School of Applied Social Sciences, Robert Gordon University
August 5, 2013

The text is very up to date, it is very well written and includes many reference points for other areas of research and information, should students want to follow up key points. The text develops a number of key strategies to support the emotional development of children and young people. This will support the level five qualification very well.

Mr Derek Allford
Learning Centre, Business To Business (B2B)
June 22, 2013

interesting reading

Miss Anita Ganday
Children In Care, Nottingham City Council
August 20, 2012

Helpful to students wishing to learn about and develop skills in working with children in care and their families

Mr Dave Mason
Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University
March 9, 2011

A helpful source regarding looked After Children

Philip Gilligan
Dept of Social Sciences & Humanities, Bradford University
January 7, 2011

While this is an interesting text with a innovative approach to working with children in state care, it is more relevant for child care/residential workers than social workers in child and family services. The second group are those I teach.

Dr Trish Walsh
Please select your department, University of Dublin Trinity College
November 9, 2010

Thank you.
This book has been successfully used.

Mr Edmundas Vaitiekus
Department of Social Work, Utena College
October 3, 2010

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