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Accuracy or Advocacy?

Accuracy or Advocacy?
The Politics of Research in Education

May 1999 | 232 pages | Corwin
''''Important perspectives on the politics of educational research!''The transformations taking place in our society also affect academia and research. This book brings into focus the new realities and methodologies that have emerged in the field of educational research in recent years. In this twelfth yearbook of the Politics of Education Association, editors Cooper and Randall bring together major contributors and examine the politics of educational research. They offer critical perspectives not examined extensively in previous books. ''Some of the issues addressed by this book include: ''''''Designing research in the postmodern age ''The politics of bilingual education ''School choice research ''Research-information use ''Race, class, and gender in education research ''Research on educational productivity''''A valuable resource for anyone concerned with the politics of educational research.
E Vance Randall, Bruce S Cooper and Steven J Hite
Understanding the Politics of Research in Education
Bob L Johnson Jr
The Politics of Research-Information Use in the Education Policy Arena
Catherine Emihovich
Compromised Positions
The Ethics and Politics of Designing Research in the Postmodern Age  
Carolyn D Herrington and Irving Lazar
Evaluating Integrated Children's Services
The Politics of Research on Collaborative Education and Social Service Research  
Catherine Marshall
Researching the Margins
Feminist Critical Policy Analysis  
Michele Foster
Race, Class and Gender in Education Research
Surveying the Political Terrain  
Douglas E Mitchell et al
The Politics of Bilingual Education
Jeanne M Powers and Peter W Cookson Jr
The Politics of School Choice Research
Fact, Fiction and Statistics  
Bruce D Baker
The Politics of the Production Function
The Influence of Political Bias on the Deductive Process  
Patrick F Galvin
The Politics of Research on Educational Productivity
George J Bedard
Constructing Knowledge
Realist and Radical Learning within a Canadian Royal Commission  
Haim Gaziel and Nachum Blass
The Extended School Day in Israel
Do Research Findings Really Matter?  
James G Cibulka
Three Researchers Reflect
Vignettes and Verities  
Betty Malen
Reflections on Political Responses to Policy Research
Paul E Peterson
What Evaluation Has to Say About School Choice
Karen Seashore Louis
Making Meaning of the Relationship Between Research and Policy
An Epilogue  

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