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American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, Boston, MA (5th – 9th April 2017)

SAGE are attending the 2017 AAG annual conference in Boston - pop by our booth (#323) to find out more about our books and journals as well as our video products and more.


Several of our journals will be hosting lectures throughout the conference, see below for more details.

Environment & Planning C: Politics and Space: A New Forum for Spatial and Political Thought in Challenging Times

Chair: Anna J. Secor, University of Kentucky

Panelists: Ishan Ashutosh, Indiana University, Eugene McCann, Simon Fraser University, Patricia Daley, Jesus College, Univeristy of Oxford and Cristina Temenos, University of Manchester 

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Environment & Planning suite of journals, Environment & Planning C is being radically re-conceptualized and re-named Politics + Space. This session will be a launch event with leading scholars, journal editors, editorial board members, and publisher.

Date: Thursday 6th April, 7:10 pm - 8:10 pm, Room 310, Hynes, Third Level

Society and Space Plenary Lecture: "Tlingipino Bingo! Ethnographic Performance and Games of Chance in the Decolonizing Present"

Chair: Natalie Oswin, McGill University

Authors:  Geraldine J. Pratt, University Of British Columbia and Caleb Johnston, Newcastle University

As ethnography of performance and performative ethnography, Geraldine Pratt follows her collaborative research with Caleb Johnston on Filipino migrant workers as it has traveled in the form of a testimonial play.

Date: Thursday 6th April, 3:20 pm - 5:00 pm, Room 312, Hynes, Third Level

cultural geographies Annual Lecture: On Being Technopositional in Digital Geographies

Chair: John Wylie, University of Exeter

Author: Matthew W. Wilson, University of Kentucky

This year's cultural geographies (SAGE) Annual Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Matthew W. Wilson (University of Kentucky: 'On being technopositional in digital geographies'.

Date: Friday 7th April, 5:20 pm - 7:00 pm, Room 111, Hynes, Plaza Level

Progress in Human Geography Lecture: Interrogating Spaces of Urban Commoning

Chair: Pauline McGuirk, University of Wollongong

Introducing: Noel Castree, University of Manchester

Author: Helga Leitner, University of California, Los Angeles

In cities across the globe inequalities in wealth and access to resources. Countering such increasing socio-economic inequalities and cultural injustices associated with neoliberal urbanism, critical urban scholars and political philosophers have put forth alternative conceptions of the city and urban life. In this lecture I interrogate the academic versions of commoning and egalitarian spaces, but also put them in conversation with on-the-ground struggles for a more socially and ecologically just urbanism.

Date: Saturday 8th April, 3:20 pm - 5:00 pm in Room 304, Hynes, Third Level


We are offering free access to some of our newest and most exciting research.


Crude residues: The workings of failing oil infrastructure in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico

Winner of the Profession Geography Award of the Energy and Environment Speciality Group of the American Association of Geographers

Authors: Mónica Salas Landa


Re-imagining Politics & Space: Why here, why now?

Authors: Patricia Daley, Eugene McCann, Alison Mountz and Joe Painter


The GoPro gaze

Authors: Phillip Vannini and Lindsay M Stewart





Find out more about our books offerings – these will be available for purchase or on inspection at our booth.

Using Geodata  and Geolocation in the Social Sciences

Author: David Abernathy 

Covering context, concepts, and theories, as well as the practice of how to capture and visualize geodata, this full-colour text introduces readers to the Geoweb and how best to incorporate location-based data into research.

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Understanding Spatial Media

Authors: Rob Kitchin, Tracey P. Lauriault and Matthew W. Wilson

Leading international scholars are brought together to present readers with an exploration into the full diversity of the field of spatial media including technologies, spatial data, and their social, economic and political consequences.

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Your Human Geography Dissertation

Author: Kimberley Peters

A concise, flexible and wonderfully written textbook which supports undergraduate geography students throughout the stressful dissertation process. Divided into three sections - Designing, Doing and Delivering – it is a complete overview of the key skills needed to prepare, research, and write a successful dissertation.

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The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods

Authors: Luke Sloan and Anabel Quan-Haase

With coverage of the entire research process in social media, data collection and analysis on specific platforms, and innovative developments in the field, this handbook is the ultimate resource for those looking to tackle the challenges that come with doing research in this sphere.

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Weathered: Cultures of Climate

Author: Mike Hulme

In Weathered: Cultures of Climate, distinguished professor Mike Hulme opens up the many ways in which the idea of climate is given shape and meaning in different human cultures – how climates are historicized, known, changed, lived with, blamed, feared, represented, predicted, governed and, at least putatively, re-designed.

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Key Thinkers on Cities

Authors: Alan Latham and Regan Koch

Key Thinkers on Cities provides an engaging introduction to the dynamic intellectual field of urban studies.

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Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials

Author: Gillian Rose 

Now in its Fourth Edition, Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials is a bestselling critical guide to the study and analysis of visual culture.

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Society and Space

This series explores the fascinating relationship between the spatial and the social.

These stimulating, provocative books draw on a range of theories to examine key cultural and political issues of our times, including technology, globalisation and migration.

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