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Your Super Quick Guide to Learning Online

Your Super Quick Guide to Learning Online

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December 2020 | 178 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Learn how to successfully adapt to online remote learning with this super quick guide. Packed with pragmatic, applied tips on how to adjust to a digital learning experience, this handy resource will instil you with the confidence and know-how needed to succeed.

  • Set up an effective workplace and stay motivated
  • Work well with tutors and get the support you need
  • Get the most out of different forms of learning, from lectures to field work
  • Make the best use of materials, such as online databases and open-access content.
  • Collaborate effectively with peers and create your best work.

An invaluable guide to get you through university cool, calm and in control!

Introduction to remote, distance, full or hybrid e-learning
How do I get the most from my instructor?
How do I get the most from different types of instruction?
How do I get the most from course and supplementary materials?
How do I create my best work?
How do I get the most from assessments and feedback?
How do I get the most from peers?


Ten Tips for Learning Online
Ahead of the publication of Your Super Quick Guide to Learning Online, methods guru Janet Salmons shares her top ten tips for learning online. Get a sneak preview here!

I think this is a very useful source as part of a read it list to help students develop study skills for Lea in HE. However, with the decision made to move back to as much F2F learning as possible, this can only be a recommendation as part of this list. I found it really useful as an educator too.

Dr Michelle Tytherleigh
Social Science, University College Chester
August 31, 2022

As the title says "quick introduction". Easy reading, first impressions about online learning.

Professor Katie Goeman
Faculty of Economics & Business (Brussels), KU Leuven
September 1, 2022

The resource was shared amongst colleagues during the pandemic

Mr IOANNIS Dermitzakis
Strategy and Human Resources Department, Bedfordshire University
October 13, 2021

Suggest that this is a strong guide for all students to read, review and adopt. Now more than ever!
Applicable to all students on all courses

Mr Ollie Brook
Facility of Education and Humanities, City of Glasgow College
February 11, 2021

I recommend the book for students visiting my courses to adjust to learning online

Professor Gernot Gehrke
Communications, Hannover University of Applied Sci And Arts
January 22, 2021

Good sections on using and understanding feedback and the importance of working with peers.

Mrs Linda Moses-Allison
University of Cumbria, University of Cumbria
February 2, 2021