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Working with Diversity in Youth and Community Work

Working with Diversity in Youth and Community Work

September 2011 | 112 pages | Learning Matters
This book focuses on the nature of cross-cultural practice, an inevitable aspect of working as a youth and community worker in multicultural Britain today. It enables students to understand how cross-cultural dynamics can set the tone of their relationships with their clients and helps them to understand how individual action and some processes in society can contribute to the marginalisation of others. This book looks at the processes involved in the everyday relationships forged through practice and how these can inadvertently influence the dynamics of oppression through lack of self-awareness or lack of awareness of 'others' in society.
Identity and Culture
De-mystifying Some Concepts
Some Concepts and Theories
Trust and ‘Storying’ in Practice
Understanding the Consequences of Islamaphobia
The Challenge of Globalization

A valuable text providing an exploration of youth and community practice with the context of diversity. The blend of activities, case studies, resources and further reading make this a very positive starting point for students.

Miss Tracy Ramsey
Social Work Department, Liverpool Hope University
January 5, 2015

Very comprehensive book covering important issues around diversity in youth work practice. It is also very easy to understand and there are some good practical tasks to support learning.

Miss Veronica Mason
Department of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan Uni (North Campus)
January 28, 2014

A good book that is easy to read and understand.

Miss Fiona Hennah
Dept of Care & Continuing Education, Ystrad Mynach College
November 20, 2013

A useful text that provides plenty to challenge our analytical perspectives and understandings of diversity work.

Miss Sarah Bennett
Institute of Applied Social Studies, Birmingham University
January 22, 2013

A great resource for Youth and Community students and professionals. Provides some interesting discussions which are current and realistic to the profession.

Mrs Alana Enoch
Education Studies and Social Inclusion, Trinity College Carmarthen
October 2, 2012

This book relates vey well to a number of our foundation degree modules beteen level 4-6. It is well written and addresses a range of issues within both diversity and youth work. really useful addition and will purchased for the College library.

John Manuel
Department of Public Services, Bishop Burton College
June 26, 2012

I would recommend this book to students who had an interest in working with youth in the community. It provides a very useful introduction to some key concepts and the activities offer a basis for developing interesting discussion

Ms Karen Browne
Institute of Education (Didsbury), Manchester Metropolitan University
May 31, 2012

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