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Working in Policing

Working in Policing

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August 2011 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
Aimed at new recruits or HE students thinking about a career in policing, this book provides a clear overview of and insight into the many and varied roles available. From a neighbourhood police officer or a detective, to a crime scene investigator gathering evidence or an analyst collating intelligence, the book examines what each role entails, the skills required, and the best pathway to securing the job. An extended case study runs through the book, demonstrating how the different roles are involved in and contribute to a single investigation, and self-assessment questions relating to each role check the reader's understanding.
Introduction and Context
Initial Report of an Incident: The Role of the Call Taker/Control Room Dispatcher
First Police Response: Police Officers, Special Constables and Community Support Officers
The Forensic Investigation
The Investigation Evolves
Using Alternative Tools for Investigating Crime
The RPU Officer, ANPR Operator, Road Death/Collision Investigator and AFO
The Custody Suite
Appendix: Police Services Websites

Aimed at new recruits or students considering a career in policing, this book provides a clear overview and insight into the many and varied roles in policing.

Mr Bernard Sheridan
Department of Policing, Central Lancashire University
June 27, 2012

An user friendly introductory text. Ideal for students's studying the policing process and considering career options and progression within the police force.

Miss Sue Uttley-Evans
Criminology and Criminal Justice Department, Central Lancashire University
March 4, 2012