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Western Political Thought

Western Political Thought
From Ancient Greeks to Modern Political Scientists

  • Amal Kumar Mukhopadhyay - Retired Principal and Professor, Political Science, Presidency College (now Presidency University), Kolkata
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February 2020 | 352 pages | SAGE Texts

Provides a lucid and accessible account of the entire range of Western political thought, from Plato to post-Second World War British and American political thinkers. 

This textbook thoroughly discusses the historical background of the ideas of a political thinker or a group of thinkers.  For each political philosopher or school of thought, the philosophy is critically discussed, followed by an unbiased evaluation at the end of the chapter.

Western Political Thought will meet the needs of the students of political science, history, philosophy and sociology. It will appeal to the students who have no exposure to the subject as the chapters require no previous understanding of the thinkers and their works. It will also serve as a useful and steady companion for UGC NET and UPSC aspirants.

Key Features:

• Critical analysis of the philosophy of each of the thinkers in light of its applicability and effect on modern political tradition

•  Elaborate discussion of the history of the period that served as a background of the political ideas

• Comprehensive study, based mostly on original texts rather than second references

• Each chapter aided by self-test review questions to assess critical understanding of the topics

Why to Study Western Political Ideas?
Ancient Greece
The Rise of Rome
The Mediaeval Europe
The Mediaeval Political Thought
The Arrival of European Renaissance
Martin Luther and the Reformation Movement
Jean Bodin
Historical Background of 17th-Century English Political Thought
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
David Hume
Edmund Burke
Industrial Revolution in England
Jeremy Bentham
John Stuart Mill
T. H. Green
Non-Marxian Socialism (Anarchism, Utopian Socialism, Fabian Socialism, Syndicalism and Guild Socialism)
Karl Marx
Harold Laski
Post-Second World War Political Ideas: An Overview
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