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Understanding and Challenging the SEND Code of Practice

Understanding and Challenging the SEND Code of Practice

October 2018 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Offering a clear but critical overview and interrogation of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice 2015, this book provides the context for understanding recent developments in SEND policy reform. It also considers implications for SEND professionalism and partnership working. The book also successfully links policy and theory to practice and has a focus on professional ethics. This book is aimed primarily at higher level students on Masters and professionals engaged in Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and is supported by chapter objectives, case studies, summaries of key concepts and annotated further reading suggestions.

Part I: SEND Policy and Policy Reform
Chapter 1: An Introduction to the SEND Code of Practice 2015
Chapter 2: SEND Policy History and Approaches to Policy Reform
Chapter 3: Key Concepts and Controversies in the Field of SEND
Part II: SEND Professionalism and Professional Ethics
Chapter 4: Policy Technologies and the Enactment of the 2015 Code
Chapter 5: Professionalism and Ethics for SEND Practitioners
Chapter 6: Moral Dilemmas, Ethical Decision-Making and an Ethical Audit Framework
Chapter 7: Moral Stress, Ethical Differentiation and Ethical Discernment
Part III: SEND Partnership Working
Chapter 8: Partnership Working with Parents
Chapter 9: Multi-Agency Working and Inter-Professional Collaboration
Chapter 10: Working with the Individual

This is a very welcome book that seeks to broaden and deepen understanding of the SEND Code of Practice as well as enabling readers to challenge it. It involves a novel in-depth historical and policy analysis and deserves a wide readership.

Brahm Norwich
Professor of Educational Psychology and Special Needs, University of Exeter

This book helps school leaders to understand their responsibilities as stated in the SEND Code of Practice, and also challenges them to think about the controversies they could face in its implementation.  Issues rarely focused on in books for practitioners, such as professionalism, ethics and moral dilemmas, are explored.

Sue Soan
Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion (SENI), Canterbury Christ Church University

Beate uses the changes in the SEND Code of Practice to explore a range of topics in this book. It contains useful information about the history of SEND policy and legislation and its implications, the impact of changes to the policies for professional practice, and the dilemmas of partnership working with the family, the child and other professionals. This will be a good resource book for anyone who is interested in the relationship between policy development and professional practice. There are a number of signposts for further reading and resources which will be particularly helpful for students pursuing these topics.

Prithvi Perepa
Senior Lecturer in Education (SEN and Inclusion), University of Northampton

This excellent and timely book equips the reader with broad knowledge on the updated SEND Code of Practice, as well as the history of SEND. As the title suggests, in understanding better, the reader is enabled in challenging current legislation. A well recommended read, particularly for SEND professionals but all teachers/trainers/leaders would benefit.

Professor Kerry Scattergood
Adult and Communication Skills, Solihull College & University Centre
December 6, 2018

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Chapter 1: An introduction to the SEND code of practice 2015

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