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Understanding Abnormal Psychology

Understanding Abnormal Psychology
Clinical and Biological Perspectives

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April 2013 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Understanding Abnormal Psychology provides a thorough understanding of abnormal psychology with a focus on the integration of psychology, biology and health. It goes beyond a descriptive overview of clinical disorders to provide a critical appreciation of the multifaceted aspects of mental illness. Each disorder is clearly and succinctly explained with the support of case studies. These examples are then used to introduce the debates surrounding current research, the biology of abnormal disorders and standards of treatment. The bridge between the biological elements of brain functioning and the psychological mechanisms that are responsible for coping and adjustment is thoroughly explored. This valuable consideration of the range of elements involved in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical disorders will provide you with a broad and critical understanding of this complex and fascinating field.

The companion website has a number of useful features for students, including a flipcard glossary of key terms from the textbook and a test bank of interactive self-assessment multiple-choice questions.

Chapter 1: Defining abnormal behaviour
Chapter 2: Models of Abnormal Behaviour
Chapter 3: Psychology of Disorders
Chapter 4: Physiology of Abnormal Behaviour
Chapter 5: Genetics and Environmental Factors
Chapter 6: Assessment, Diagnosis, Research Methods and Ethics
Chapter 7: Child Development and Abnormal Psychology
Chapter 8: Child Disorders and Psychopathology
Chapter 9: Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders
Chapter 10: Mood Disorders
Chapter 11: Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 12: Personality Disorders
Chapter 13: Substance-Related Disorders
Chapter 14: Alzheimer's, Cognitive Disorders and Disorders Related to Aging


Companion Website

For Lecturers:

  • Test bank
  • PowerPoint slides

For Students:

  • Flashcard glossary
  • Interactive multiple-choice questions

Good combination of clinical and biological information - accessible for Undergraduates

Dr Mani Das Gupta
Psychology, Staffordshire University
November 28, 2013

We are going to recommend this title to supplement out existing text

Dr Derek Larkin
Psychology , Edge Hill University
July 29, 2013

This is an outstanding text and a must read for both lecturer and student.
It is up to date and detailed, exploring abnormal psychology in great depth.
I would strongly recommend this book to psychology students.

Miss Sharron Stillyards
health and social care, northlindsey college
May 15, 2013

Good layout and information , possibly too low a level for some MSc students though appropriate for someone wishing to brush up on background. Useful in that it considers the biological perspective in tandem with the disorders

Dr Sue Thorpe
Psychology , Newcastle University
May 1, 2013

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 12: Personality Disorders

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