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Tune In, Log On

Tune In, Log On
Soaps, Fandom, and Online Community

Volume: 3

December 1999 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Tune In, Log Out is an ethnographic study of an Internet soap opera fan group. Bridging the fields of computer-mediated communication and audience studies, the book shows how verbal and non verbal communicative practices create collaborative interpretations and criticism, group humour, interpersonal relationships, group norms and individual identity. While much has been written about problems and inequities women have encountered online, Nancy K Baym's analysis of a female-dominated group in which female communication styles prevail demonstrates that women can build successful online communiciteis while still welcoming male participation. In addition, a longitudinal look at the development of fan group allows an examination of the endurance of the group's social structure in the face of the Internet's tremendous growth. Lively and enagaging, Tune In, Log Out provides an entertaining introduction to issues of online and audience community.
Three Tales of One Community

The Soap Opera and Its Audience
TV for the Less Intelligent?

Interpreting and Comparing Perspectives in the Audience Community
It's Only a Soap
Criticism, Creativity and Solidarity

'I Think of Them as Friends'
Interpersonal Relationships in the On-Line Community

The Development of Individual Identity
Five Years Later

Tune In Tomorrow


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