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Trust in Organizations

Trust in Organizations
Frontiers of Theory and Research

Edited by:
  • Roderick M. Kramer - Stanford University, Center for the Study of Families and Youth, Stanford University, USA
  • Tom R. Tyler - Yale University, USA, New York University, USA, University of California, Berkeley, USA, Northwestern University, USA

January 1996 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Trust plays a central role in organizational life. It facilitates exchanges among individuals, enhances cooperation and coordination, and contributes to more effective relationships.

This volume brings together a cross-disciplinary group of contributors to present some of the latest, most exciting conceptual perspectives in the field and to demonstrate a variety of new methodological approaches to the study of trust. It includes discussions on: the psychological and social antecedents of trust; the effects of social and organizational structures on trust; and the broad effects of trust on organizational functioning.

Tom R Tyler and Roderick M Kramer
Whither Trust?
W E Douglas Creed and Raymond E Miles
Trust in Organizations
A Conceptual Framework Linking Organizational Forms, Managerial Philosophies and the Opportunity Costs of Controls

David Kipnis
Trust and Technology
Walter W Powell
Trust-Based Forms of Governance
Ronald S Burt and Marc Knez
Trust and Third-Party Gossip
Lynne G Zucker et al
Collaboration Structure and Information Dilemmas in Biotechnology
Interpersonal and Organizational Boundaries as Trust Production

Roy J Lewicki and Barbara B Bunker
Developing and Maintaining Trust in Work Relationships
Blair H Sheppard and Marla Tuchinsky
Micro OB and the Network Organization
Debra Meyerson, Roderick M Kramer and Karl Weick
Swift Trust in Temporary Groups
Sim B Sitkin and Darryl Stickel
The Road to Hell
The Dynamics of Distrust in an Era of Quality

Roderick M Kramer
Divergent Realities and Convergent Disappointments in the Hierarchical Relation
Trust and the Intuitive Auditor at Work

Robert J Bies and Tom Tripp
Beyond Distrust
Getting Even and the Need for Revenge

Aneil K Mishra
Organizational Responses to Crisis
The Centrality of Trust

Eugene J Webb
Trust and Crisis
L L Cummings and Philip Bromiley
The Organizational Trust Inventory (OTI)
Development and Validation

Tom R Tyler and Peter Degoey
Trust in Organizational Authorities
The Influence of Motive Attributions on Willingness to Accept Decisions

Roderick M Kramer, Marilynn B Brewer and Benjamin J Hanna
Collective Trust and Collective Action
The Decision to Trust as a Social Decision

Joel Brockner and Phyllis Siegel
Understanding the Interaction between Procedural and Distributive Justice
The Role of Trust


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