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A Manual for Students in the Helping Professions

Third Edition

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Counselling Training

April 2015 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written in a conversational and engaging style, this updated and expanded Third Edition of Thriving! helps future counselors and therapists to succeed in their training and professional development throughout their graduate careers. This informative and inspirational book includes an overview of the literature, personal accounts from students, practical tips/activities, and the latest coverage of such topics as advances in neuroscience research, crisis intervention, and more!
Chapter 1: The Thriving Principles
Use It—Don’t Lose It!


Chapter 2: Making Your Training Journey
Being a Novice

Being an Apprentice

An Emerging Professional

Chapter 3: Meeting Your Basic Needs
Your Personal Hierarchy of Needs

Basic Needs and Self-Actualization

Conducting a Needs Inventory

Crafting a Balanced Life

Chapter 4: Enhancing Your Academic Skills
Hearts and Minds

Developing Critical Reflection Skills

Learning by Heart

The Core Academic Skills

Chapter 5: Mindfully Managing Stress

Responding to Stress

Mindful Management of Stress

Beyond Stress

Thriving Under Stress

Stress and Character

Stress Into Strength

Chapter 6: Being With Others
What’s in Your Backpack?

The Counseling Qualities

Truth With a Capital T

Important People in Your Training

Chapter 7: Exploring Yourself
Make Personal Growth Your Goal

The Need for Personal Growth

Hold to Your Center


Getting Clear

Chapter 8: Becoming Neuro-Minded
Neuroscience of Magic and Counseling

The Material Brain

The Brain and Emotions

Promoting Neuroplasticity

Chapter 9: Intervening in Crises, Traumas, and Disasters
Fundamental Concepts

Intervention Principles

Crisis Intervention Techniques

Preventing Suicide

Disaster Intervention

Mindfully Caring for Yourself

Chapter 10: Thriving in Your Practicum and Internship
You Are Ready, Although You May Have Doubts

Preparing for Practicum: Who Are You?

Your Practicum


A Final Wish

Chapter 11: Launching Your Career
From Student to Professional

Using Your Resources

Planning Your Career

Career Possibilities by Degree

Conducting Your Search

Your Career and Your Life


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