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This Side of Doctoring

This Side of Doctoring
Reflections from Women in Medicine

Edited by:
  • Eliza Lo Chin - American Medical Women's Association, Reston, VA, USA

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March 2002 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This Side of Doctoring: Reflections for Women in Medicine offers up an intimate collection of stories, poems, essays, and quotations that captures the joy and heartbreak of being women and being a physician. Editor Eliza Lo Chin (MD, Harvard Medical School) has gathered more than 100 voices that speak to the trials, rewards, and surprises of practicing medicine. Beginning with the writings of early medical pioneers, the anthology weaves a rich patchwork of experiences.

Raw and honest, This Side of Doctoring acquaints us with worlds we could otherwise only imagine. Throughout these pages you'll find the expressions of courage, doubt, fatigue, perseverance, frustration, and triumph that make up the lives of women physicians. These are the stories of choosing a life in medicine and the many roadmaps that women follow in living that life.


Janet Bickel
Eliza Lo Chin
Eliza Lo Chin
1. Historical Perspective
2. Early Pioneers
Glances and Glimpses Harriet Hunt
Letters from Elizabeth Blackwell Elizabeth Blackwell
In the Words of Mary Putnam Jacobi Mary Putnam Jacobi
The Fortress Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Some of My Life Experiences Bethenia A. Owens-Adair
From More Than Gold in California Mary Bennett Ritter
From Mine Eyes Have Seen Alfreda Withington
Petticoat Surgeon Bertha Van Hoosen
From A Child Went Forth Helen MacKnight Doyle
Fighting for Life S. Josephine Baker
From Bowery to Bellevue Emily Dunning Barringer
A Woven Fabric Mary Canaga Rowland
Woman at the Gate Gulli Lindh Muller
A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life Marion Hilliard
The Antique Roadshow of a 90-Year-Old Juliana Swiney
Sound Investments Gertrude Russack Sobel
The First Women at H.M.S. Doris Rubin Bennett
I Will Not Pass Away Mildred Fay Jefferson
The Beginnings of Women's Health Advocacy Lila A. Wallis
From Chivalry and Off-Color Jokes to Acceptance and Respect Marianne Wolff
Medicine and Motherhood Marilyn Heins
Medical Internship Grace Foege Holmes
3. The Formative Years
A Youthful Encounter Ann Klompus Lanzerotti
From Kitchen Table Wisdom Rachel Naomi Remen
Anatomy Lesson Rebecca Tennant
Cold Hands Jennifer Hyde
Here Is What I Learned Alison Moll
Jane Ambur L. Economou
Circumstance Renda Soylemez
From the Deccan Plateau Teena Shetty
Song of the Dying Ova Sayantani DasGupta
How I'll Become a Good Physician Amy L. Dryer
A Gift Michelle Monje
Thirtysomething Meets ER Lori Gottlieb
Freckles Jennifer Best
Summers With My Aunt Renda Soylemez
The Discovery Clinic Melanie M. Watkins
4. Life in the Trenches: Internship and Residency
Unknown Alpha Lori E. Summers
Birthday Melissa Fischer
How I Survived Residency Nassim Assefi
Necessary Journeys Nancy L. Snyderman
Post-Call Sheri Ann Hunt
We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Men as Medical Mentors Sayantani DasGupta
Whine List Perri Klass
The Only Night I Cried Sondra Vazirani
A Long Road Elsa Raskin
A Time for Change: Innovative Pathways for Residency Training Elizabeth A. Rider
Lamentation of the Female Academician Melissa A. Parisi
But I Do Care Joan Stroud
5. On Doctoring
In Between Before and After Katherine Uraneck
Heartsick Julia E. McMurray
My Patient, the Doctor, and Me Gayatri Devi
Heart Doctor Stephanie Nagy-Agren
Common Ground Danielle Ofri
Dawn Kathleen Franco
Life Force Rachel Naomi Remen
A Doctor Alone With Her Decision L. Hawes Clever
Through the Eyes of a Physician Preetha Basaviah
Why You Came to Me Anju Goel
Generations Emily R. Transue
Finding Beauty in Annie Teresa Clabots
A Visit to the Doctor Deborah Young Bradshaw
Job Description Katherine Uraneck
6. Mothering and Doctoring
Mutual Benefits Rebekah Wang-Cheng
Doctor's Daughter Julia E. McMurray
Conversation Hearts Janice E. Daugherty
Monday Morning A. Shafer
"mommydoc" D. Miller
A Mother's Prayer S. Crosby
On Being a Medical Mom C. Leichman
Tsunami Baby K. Dong
A Patient's Wife Ruth Cohen
The Transition Game Bonnie Salomon
Interview for Clinician-Educator Position Stephanie Nagy-Agren
Spiderlings Dugan Wiess Maddux
Teeter-Totter Marcia Quereau McCrae
Breast-Feeding: Straddling the Fence Between Work and Home Rebecca J. Kurth
A Reminiscence Patricia Collins Temple
The Second Road Eliza Lo Chin
Patients as Patron Saints Alison Moll
Mother's Day Nalini Juthani
"To Love and to Work" Nancy B. Kaltreider
Balance Cynthia J. Kapphahn
Numbing Down Rebecca Tennant
Maternity and Medicine Anne E. Bernstein
Parenting Without Pregnancy Toby Jacobowitz
Body Snatcher Liza Sharpless Bonanno
Redefining Motherhood Karen P. Alexander
Taking Children Seriously Jessica Schorr Saxe
7. Making Choices
Finding the Balance Point Between Overdrive and the Mommy Track Mary Lou Schmidt
Between Lawn Cuts Anne Armstrong-Coben
Not Having Children Rita Charon
Missed Opportunities Barbara Cammer Paris
Taking Stock Kathy Kirkland
Life Choices Kathleen Dong
Composing a Life in Medicine Joyce Rico
On Packing for the Information Superhighway Cynthia Rasch
Thoughts on Time Management Veronica Piziak
8. Barriers
Glass Ceiling Bhuvana Chandra
Why Don't You Quit? Nancy B. Kaltreider
Woman in Orthopedic Surgery Stories Mary Williams Clark
Life in the Boys' Club Roberta E. Sonnino
Professionalism Rosa E. Cuenca
The Feminization of American Medicine Kathryn Ko
An Interview Tale Priya Krishna
Not Easy to Please Woman's Medical Journal
On Reaching Visible Susan K. Schultz
Triple Jeopardy Livia Shang-yu Wan
A Minority Perspective Beverly M. Gaines
My Path Through Medical School Barbara K. Pawley
The Life of Women in Medicine Barbara R. Sommer
Leave Grace H. Elta
Emotional Conflicts of the Career Woman Alexandra Symonds
Kath's Graduation Kathryn A. Carolin
An American Experience Dorina Rose Abdulah
A Warm Gesture Name Withheld
A Lesbian Voice: What Does It Mean to Be a "Dyke Doctor"? Patricia A. Robertson
9. Connections
The Doctor in the Family Marie F. Johnson
Tobacco, Tulips, and Terminal Care Maryella Desak Sirmon
The Friendship of Women Marjorie Spurrier Sirridge
A Doctor in the Family Bhuvana Chandra
The Two-Casserole Test Linda Hawes Clever
The Cafeteria Lou Elizabeth Mac Manus
Memories of Our Mother Diane F. Merritt
10. Balancing
August 1994: Letter to My Student Beth Alexander
Balancing, Juggling, and Other Feats Donna L. Parker
Juggling the Personal and Professional Life Marcia Angell
Workday Mornings-Three Weeks Stephanie Nagy-Agren
Where Is the Self? Gayle Shore Moyer
The Multitude of Little Things Dorothy V. Whipple
Is It Worth It? Nancy B. Kaltreider
Can It Be Done? Mary Lou Schmidt
A Few Thoughts on Part-time Faculty: The Push for the Summit and the Long Climb Down Charlotte Heidenreich
Centered in the Deep Connections Lucy M. Candib
An Independent Scientist Linda Ganzini
How to Do It All at Once Teresa Clabots
Late Lunch Mary Williams Clark
Balancing Family and Career: Advice From the Trenches Molly Carnes
One Page at a Time Audrey Shafer
To Rachel Joan C. Lo
Pregnancy and the Professional Woman Amy A. Tyson
The Changing Role of Physicians as Working Mothers Marian Korteling Levai
Reflections on Balance Jennifer R. Niebyl
Notes From a Personal Journey Silvia Wybert Olarte
11. Our Families' Perspectives
Jelly Dr. W
From Balm in Gilead: Journey of a Healer Sara Lawrence Lightfoot
Our Medical Marriage Richard M. Berlin
From Her Infinite Variety A Lawyer
What's a Mother For? Blaise Levai
Life With Mother, the M.D. Cynthia Magowan
What We Have Fashioned Together Theodore Nadelson & Leon Eisenberg
I Remember as a Child Mary Cogan Bromage
Renuka Gera Lori Gera
12. Reflections
The Feminization of Medicine Perri Klass
Double Helix Angelee Deodhar
Identity Crisis Anne Lipton
A Personal Journey Graciela S. Alarcón
My Experience as a Woman in Medicine Florence H. Sheehan
Scopes, Hopes and Learning the Ropes Christina M. Surawicz
Defining Ourselves Carol Merchant
Looking Good Martha Stitelman
What It's Been Like Kathryn D. Anderson
Reminiscences of My Medical Career Michelle Palmieri Warren
Enjoying the Moment Catherine Chang
Navigating the Maze of Academic Medicine JoAnn Elisabeth Manson
From Teacher to Psychiatrist With Family Leah J. Dickstein
Generation to Generation: Mother-Daughter Physicians Diane K. Shrier & Lydia A. Shrier
Afterword Eliza Lo Chin
Resources for Women in Medicine
About the Editor
About the Contributors

Like a patchwork quilt, this richly-textured compilation represents each woman’s extraordinary life and career while their common experiences clearly emerge, cutting across different specialties, ages, and geographic divides. 

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