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Therapeutic Family Mediation

Therapeutic Family Mediation
Helping Families Resolve Conflict

  • Howard H. Irving - Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, (Canada), University of Toronto, Canada
  • Michael Benjamin - Private Practice, Santa Rosa, California, University of Connecticut Health Centre, USA

August 2002 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Therapeutic Family Mediation is a practice-based book grounded in a therapeutic family mediation (TFM) model created by the authors. TFM, unlike other practice models for family mediation, devotes special attention to family and emotional dynamics, and therefore can be used in a wider variety of cases. The text not only focuses on TFM, but also surveys the contemporary practice field to make readers aware of other models. In addition to the TFM model, the text includes topics such as creating parenting plans, working with patterns of conflict and money, drafting a contract, working with high-conflict couples and culturally diverse couples.
I. Introduction
1. Introduction
II. Therapeutic Family Mediation
2. The TFM Approach: Overview
3. Practice Skills
4. The TFM Approach: Step-by-Step Guide: Phase 1: Intake/Assessment
5. The TFM Approach: Step-by-Step Guide: Phase 2: Pre-Mediation
6. The TFM Approach: Step-by-Step Guide: Phase 3: Negotiation
7. The TFM Approach: Step-by-Step Guide: Phases 4 & 5: Termination & Follow-Up
8. Full-Length Case History
III. Substantive Issues
9. Parenting Plan: Part 1, Related Topics
10. Parenting Plans: Part 2, Basic Elements
11. Financial Plans: Part 1: Technical Matters
12. Financial Plans: Part 2: Patterns of Conflict
IV. Special Issues
13. TFM and Cultural Diversity
14. Family Mediation & Research
V. Final Word
15. Final Word

This is an important text, making complex ideas easily accessible and thought provoking. It will certainly become essential reading for family mediation practitioners and of interest to therapists. . .

Di Elliott
Magazine for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice, UK

"The text is filled with good advice, practical examples, and provides a strong grounding in TFM, as well as its theoretical underpinnings. It is useful for students and practitioners alike. The text is accessible and well-written. . ."

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