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The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Anthropology

The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Anthropology

Edited by:

March 2021 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Anthropology is the first instalment of The SAGE Handbook of the Social Sciences series and encompasses major specialities as well as key interdisciplinary themes relevant to the field. Globally, societies are facing major upheaval and change, and the social sciences are fundamental to the analysis of these issues, as well as the development of strategies for addressing them. This handbook provides a rich overview of the discipline and has a future focus whilst using international theories and examples throughout. The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Anthropology is an essential resource for social scientists globally and contains a rich body of chapters on all major topics relevant to the field, whilst also presenting a possible road map for the future of the field.


Part 1: Foundations

Part 2: Focal Areas

Part 3: Urgent Issues

Part 4: Short Essays: Contemporary Critical Dynamics

Lene Pedersen & Lisa Cliggett
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Foundations, Focal Areas, Urgent Issues, and Critical Dynamics
Part 1: Foundations
Mark Moberg
Chapter 1: Culture
Lesley Jo Weaver & Erik L. Peterson
Chapter 2: Race and Ethnicity
William Schlesinger
Chapter 3: Sex, Gender, and Sexual Subjectivity: Feminist and Queer Anthropology
Rose Edith Wellman
Chapter 4: Kinship and New Social Forms
Ellen Schattschneider
Chapter 5: Paradoxes of Personhood
Thomas Stodulka
Chapter 6: Fieldwork, Ethnography, and Knowledge Construction
Deborah Winslow
Chapter 7: Cross-Cultural Comparative Commitments
Danilyn Rutherford
Chapter 8: Engaged Anthropology
Sarasij Majumder
Chapter 9: Anthropological Theories I: Structure and Agency
Sean Downey
Chapter 10: Anthropological Theories II: Systems & Complexity
David Syring with Paul Stoller, Julia Offen, & Leah Zani
Chapter 11: Humanistic Anthropology: Diverse Weavings about the Many Ways to Be Human
Gabriela Vargas-Cetina
Chapter 12: Anthropological Representation, Epistemology and Ethics
Part 2: Focal Areas
Jamon Alex Halvaksz
Chapter 13: Environmental Anthropology
Andrew Ofstehage
Chapter 14: Anthropology of Economy and Development
Kristin V. Monroe
Chapter 15: Urban Anthropology
Vanessa Koh, Paul Burow, Lav Kanoi, & Michael R. Dove
Chapter 16: Locating the 'Rural' in Anthropology
Edyta Roszko
Chapter 17: Maritime Anthropology
Martijn Koster
Chapter 18: Political Anthropology
Alan Smart
Chapter 19: Anthropology of Law
Sarah Lyon
Chapter 20: Business Anthropology
Michelle Munyikwa
Chapter 21: Medical Anthropology
Kari Telle
Chapter 22: Anthropologies of Religion
Oscar Salemink
Chapter 23: Anthropologies of Cultural Heritage
Genevieve Bell
Chapter 24: Talking to AI: An anthropological encounter with artificial intelligence
Part 3: Urgent Issues
Carlos Martinez, Carolina A. Talavera, Miriam Magaña Lopez, & Seth M. Holmes
Chapter 25: Inequality and Precarity
Todd A. Crane, Carla Roncoli, Jake Meyers, & Sarah E. Hunt
Chapter 26: On the Merits of Not Solving Climate Change
Brandi Janssen
Chapter 27: Food Systems
Sten Hagberg
Chapter 28: Governance and Democratization
Raúl Acosta
Chapter 29: Mobility
Veronica Gomez-Temesio & Frédéric Le Marcis
Chapter 30: Governing Lives in the Times of Global Health
Part 4: Short Essays: Contemporary Critical Dynamics
Marama Muru-Lanning, Rob Thorne, Hine Waitere, & Sita Venkateswar
Chapter 31: Indigeneity: Reflections in Four Voices
Bertin M. Louis
Chapter 32: Race and Anti-Black Racism in the African Diaspora of the United States
Dayton D. Starnes II
Chapter 33: Urgent Conservation
Miia Halme-Tuomisaari
Chapter 34: New Paradoxes in Human Rights
Chris Hann
Chapter 35: Populisms and Moral Economy
Lene Pedersen & Lisa Cliggett
Conclusion: Stretching Into the Future and Expansion Toward Inclusion, Consilience and Co-Equality

I wish this handbook had been available when I started teaching Cultural Anthropology. The struggle for most Anthropology professors is how to introduce students to the discipline’s history and theories while simultaneously encouraging students to challenge those facts. This volume does that brilliantly. And introducing students to critical sub-fields through chapters highlighting key questions, themes and literatures is, in my experience, the best way to introduce students to the discipline. This handbook is exactly the type of framing of the discipline needed at this historical moment.

Carolyn Rouse
Professor & Chair, Princeton University

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ISBN: 9781529703870

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