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The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy

The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Fifth Edition (Updated Edition)
Edited by:

February 2023 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy is the most comprehensive and accessible introduction to the field of counselling and psychotherapy. This handbook supports all levels of training and modalities, providing an essential entry point to theory, practice and research.


At over 600 pages and with more than 100 contributions from leading authors in the field, this Fifth Edition brings together the essentials of counselling and psychotherapy theory, research, skills and practice. Each chapter includes a Further Reading section and case studies. Now updated to include the latest research and developments, and with new content on online counselling and working with difference and diversity, it is the most comprehensive and accessible guide to the field for trainees or experienced practitioners.


Sections cover:

-Counselling and psychotherapy in context
-Social justice and intersectionality
-Core therapeutic and professional skills
-What do people come to therapy for?
-Theories and approaches
-Lifespan, modalities and technology


Counselling and Psychotherapy in Context
Terry Hanley
What are counselling and psychotherapy?
Laura Anne Winter
The social and political context of counselling and psychotherapy
Terry Hanley
What do people come to counselling and psychotherapy for?
Laura Anne Winter and Terry Hanley
What are the training routes in counselling and psychotherapy?
Laura Anne Winter and Terry Hanley
Where do counsellors and psychotherapists work?
Social justice and intersectionality
Dwight Turner
Intersectionality, power & privilege
Léonie Sugarman
Martin Milton
Counselling and psychotherapy in the context of the climate and environmental crisis
Esther Ingham
Sam Hope
Lesley Dougan
Cemil Egeli and William West
Religion and Spirituality
Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena and Yetunde Ade-Serrano
Race, culture and ethnicity – what is your story?
Liz Ballinger
Social Class
Silva Neves and Dominic Davies
Core therapeutic and professional skills
India Amos
Contracting and Therapeutic Beginnings
William B. Stiles
The Client–Therapist Relationship
Biljana Van Rijn
Andrew Reeves
Risk: Assessment, Exploration and Mitigation
Lucy Johnstone
Julia Lyons
Using Outcome and Process Measures
Gabriel Wynn
Confidentiality, recordkeeping, and notetaking
Rachel Tribe and Claire Marshall
Working with Interpreters
India Amos
Therapeutic Middles
India Amos
Therapeutic Endings
Chris Rose
Personal and Professional Development
Mary Creaner
Clinical Supervision
Linda Finlay
Ethics in Practice
Clare Symons
Complaints: Learning, prevention, and procedures.
Peter Jenkins
Therapy and the law
Sobhi Girgis
Mental health law
John McLeod
Integrating Research and Practice
Daisy Best and Helen Nicholas
Leadership: therapists as leaders
Julie Prescott and Chathurika Kannangara
Social media and professionalism
Anne Guy
Knowledge of psychopharmacology
Colin Feltham
Critical thinking skills in counselling and psychotherapy
What do people come to therapy for?
Ishba Rehman
Adult sexual violence: rape and sexual assault
Mani Mehdikani, Julie Scheiner & Loren Whyatt
Alcohol-related difficulties
Steven Barnes, Julie Prescott, and Jerome Carson
Anxiety and Panic
Edith Maria Steffen and Evgenia (Jane) Milman
Bereavement and Loss
Soha Daru
Chronic physical health problems
Tony White
Counselling for drug-related problems
Denis O’Hara
Gabriel Wynn
Eating disorders
Joachim Schnackenberg
Hearing Voices
Soha Daru
Low self-esteem
Stephen Palmer and Rowan Bayne
Managing stress
Tracie Holroyd
Obessive Compusive Disorder
Julia Lyons
Personality disorders
Charlotte Conn, Aashiya Patel and Julie Prescott
Divine Charura and Penn Smith
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Cate Campbell
Sex and Relationship Problems
Rosaleen McElvaney
Sexual abuse in childhood
Andrew Reeves
Suicide and self-harm
Christiane Sanderson
Working with survivors of domestic violence
Theories and approaches
John Boorman, Eric Morris and Joe Oliver
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Mark Linington and Victoria Settle
Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Claire Pollitt
Cognitive analytic therapy
Dr Heather Sequeira and Dr Jill Mytton
Cognitive behavioural therapy
Sunil Lad and Jenika Patel
Compassion focused therapy
Michaela Swales and Christine Dunkley
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
Nick Totton
Catherine Kerr and Liz Royle
Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
Ladislav Timulak
Emotion-focused therapy
Emmy van Deurzen
Existential therapy
Liz Ballinger
Feminist Therapy
Faisal Mahmood and Emma Flax
Gestalt Therapy
Dominic Davies and Silva Neves
Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity Therapy
Elizabeth Robinson and Catherine Edmunds
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Ruth Williams
Jungian Analytical Psychology
Lionel Bailly
Lacanian Therapy
Adam J. Scott and Kate Adam
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
Stephen Palmer
Multimodal Therapy
Fiona Stirling and John McLeod
Narrative Therapy
Keith Tudor
Person-Centred Therapy
David Winter
Personal Construct Therapy
Christine Kupfer, John McLeod and Mick Cooper
Pluralistic Therapy
Jessica Yakeley
Psychoanalytic Therapy
Richard J. Brown, Sara Bardsley and Vanessa Herbert
Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy
Dwight Turner
Psychodynamic Therapy
Konstantina Kolonia and Helen Kyritsi
Schema Therapy
Val Wosket and Peter Jenkins
The Skilled Helper Model
Guy Shennan
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Charlotte Sills and Keith Tudor
Transactional Analysis
Lifespan, modalities, and technology
Kathryn Geldard and Rebecca Yin Foo
Counselling children
Kathryn Geldard and Rebecca Yin Foo
Counselling young people
Anne Hayward and Ken Laidlaw
Counselling older people
Cate Campbell
Couple Therapy
Rudi Dallos
Systemic family therapy
Stephen Paul
Group therapy
Kate Anthony and Stephen Goss
Electronically Delivered Text Therapy
Zehra Ersahin
Videoconferencing Therapy
Maxine Rosenfield
Counselling by Telephone
Stephen Goss, DeeAnna Merz Nagel, and Kate Anthony
Wider uses of technologies in therapy
Shira Baram
Working in Schools
Kirsten Amis
Working in Colleges and Universities
Elaine Kasket
Working with the Media
David Goss
Working with neuroscience and neuropsychology
Gareth Williams
Private practice
Zubeida Ali and Satinder Panesar
Working in primary care
Alex Coren
Short Term Therapy
Charlotte Conn and Aashiya Patel
Workplace Therapy
Jenika Patel and Sunil Lad
Working in Forensic Settings
Zsófia Anna Utry and Stephen Palmer

Praise for the previous edition:

This book covers many of the current approaches, issues and trends within modern-day Counselling and Psychotherapy. It is research-informed, and its contributors are the current leading proponents and researchers in their field. This is a useful volume, for all who work in the field of psychological healing, to have on their professional bookcase as a source of reference and referral.

Professor Peter Gubi
University of Chester

Praise for the previous edition:

The earlier editions of this comprehensive Handbook were the best and most comprehensive of the overviews of the discipline. Encyclopaedic in its scope, this new edition is exceptional in providing expert introductions to updated and brand new chapters by leading scholars.   It is an essential reference for browsing and for concise reviews of everything practitioners and students might need to find out more about in the field.

Associate Professor Jeannie Wright
University of Malta

Praise for the previous edition:

The latest edition of this classic reference work is encyclopedic and authoritative, but filled with pithy descriptions and lively examples.  It is both deeply rooted in the history of the field and up-to-date with exciting new entries. The editors should be proud of the gift they have crafted for the current generation of counselling and psychotherapy students as well as practitioners.

Professor Robert Elliott
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Praise for the previous edition:

Bringing new insight into contemporary presenting issues, approaches and provision, this updated Handbook presents a stunning collection of material about every aspect of modern-day counselling and psychotherapy. The range of perspective and the standard of authorship is simply breath-taking, and the book is a gold-standard reference text for trainers, providers and trainees alike.

Professor John Nuttall
Regent's University

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