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The Reality of Research with Children and Young People

The Reality of Research with Children and Young People

First Edition
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November 2003 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Reality of Research with Children and Young People illustrates the process of carrying out research through thirteen `research stories'. Each story includes a piece of published research, accompanied by a commentary from the author of the research explaining:

· the origins of the research

· how research questions were formed

· factors influencing the choice of methodology and data collection techniques

· problems that arose and how these were dealt with

· personal reflections on the project.

The research examples included in this volume have been carefully selected to demonstrate the reality of researching with children from pre-school age to late adolescence. They reflect the different traditions and variety of methods of collecting data, including interview, evaluation, ethnography, experiment, survey, case study, questionnaire, longitudinal, and standardised assessment.

The Reality of Research with Children Young People provides valuable insights into the process of research for students and professionals in a range of fields including education, health, welfare, childhood and youth Studies, psychology and sociology. The book was developed to accompany The Open University Course, Research with Children and Young People (EK310).

Vicky Lewis
The Reality of Research
An Introduction  
Elizabeth Coates
`I Forgot the Sky!'
Children's Stories Contained Within Their Drawings  
Author Commentary: Elizabeth Coates  
Wataru Takei
How do Deaf Infants Attain First Signs?
Author Commentary: Wataru Takei  
Jon Sutton, Peter Smith and John Swettenham
Social Cognition and Bullying
Social Inadequacy or Skilled Manipulation?  
Author Commentary: Jon Sutton  
Jane Aldgate and Marie Bradley
Children's Experiences of Short-Term Accommodation
Author Commentary: Jane Aldgate  
Samantha Punch
Negotiating Autonomy
Children's Use of Time and Space in Rural Bolivia  
Author Commentary: Samantha Punch  
Will Pickett et al
Multiple Risk Behaviour and Injury
An International Analysis of Young People  
Author Commentary: Will Pickett  
Alison Clark
The Mosaic Approach and Research with Young Children
Author Commentary: Alison Clark  
Marina Monteith
Making progress?
The Transition to Adulthood for Disabled Young People in Northern Ireland  
Author Commentary: Marina Monteith  
Daphne Evans and Paul Norman
Improving Pedestrian Road Safety among Adolescents
An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour  
Author Commentary: Daphne Evans  
Lynda Ince
Young Black People Leaving Care
Author Commentary: Lynda Ince  
Naz Rassool
Flexible Identities
Exploring Race and Gender Issues Amongst a Group of Immigrant Pupils in an Inner-City Comprehensive School  
Author commentary: Naz Rassool  
Barrie Thorne
Gender Play
Girls and Boys in School  
Author Commentary: Barrie Thorne  
Dev Griesel, Jill Swart-Kruger and Louise Chawla
Children in South Africa Can Make a Difference
An Assessment of `Growing Up in Cities' in Johannesburg  
Author Commentary: Dev Griesel  

An excellent set of readings to introduce students to the intricacy of research with children. The author feedbacks and reviews are particularly useful and interesting. Highly recommended.

Graham Grace-Gardener
Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University
October 13, 2009

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