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The Place to Be?

The Place to Be?
How social sciences are helping improve places in the UK

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November 2021 | 89 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This Academy of Social Sciences report shows how UK social sciences are making powerful practical contributions to improving places – cities, regions, counties or countries – in the UK.  It includes 24 case studies highlighting how university-based social scientists are helping with place-based ‘levelling up’. It covers many different social science disciplines in all parts of the UK working on projects from the purely local to those that tackle issues that occur across the UK but that affect different areas or regions differently.  The examples are not about broader social science research or policy prescriptions but practical efforts to work with private sector businesses, local authorities and local health and education bodies and others to improve area-based disadvantage in the UK.
Executive Summary
Case Studies
The Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence
Ageing in Newcastle
GMAP Analytics Ltd: Spatial Modelling & Retail Network Research
Strategy for Inward Investment to Birmingham
The Wales Centre for Public Policy
The Productivity Institute
Spatial Design Network Analysis
The Research Schools Network
West Midlands Region Economic & Development Institute
Tackling Paramilitarism & Criminality in Northern Ireland
Newcastle City Futures Urban Living Partnership Project
N8 Policing Research Partnership
Growing Kent & Medway
Fuel & Transport Poverty in the UK’s Energy Transition
Lifeguide: Online Support for Positive Health Behaviour Change
Geographic & Social Mobility of Higher Education Students in UK
Manchester, The Centripetal City
Smart Data Analytics for Business and Local Government
The Midlands Innovation Social Science Research Accelerator
Help to Grow: Management
Consumer Data Research Centre
Essex Catalyst Programme
LSE Cities Research Centre
University of Glasgow Top Up Programme

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