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The Peak Performing Teacher

The Peak Performing Teacher
Five Habits for Success

April 2022 | 128 pages | Corwin

Develop and implement an action plan for self-care

Cultivating focus, re-energizing oneself, and improving daily habits are essential for educators’ well-being and the good that they pass along to students. Mike Kuczala asserts that educators’ greatest tool is a mirror—in it, teachers will find their greatest advocate for personal growth, power, wellness, and vision: themselves.

However, finding the time to implement new habits can be hard. Because small changes are easier to plan for and realize, Kuczala concentrates on the habits that are most likely to yield significant improvements. This book guides educators in meaningful self-reflection by providing:

  • Five critical practices to increase productivity and decrease anxiety
  • Reflection prompts and vignettes to guide readers in developing self-care strategies
  • Practical checklists and templates to help educators maintain goals
Grounded in new research connecting personal change to professional improvement, Kuczala’s approach to well-being builds a bridge between mind and body to create a comprehensive path for success.
About the Author
The Most Important Piece of Equipment

The ABCs of Achievement

The Power of “Must”

Pain/Pleasure in Practice

Habit #1: Live the Physical Life
A Paradigm Shift

Embracing the Physical Life Does Much More Than Raise Your Level of Fitness

Exercise Is Life’s First Answer to This Essential Question: How Do I Create a Life Worth Living?

Simply . . . Walk

Where Are Your Sneakers?

Vary the Environment

The Benefits Don’t Stop at School (a Word About the Physical Classroom)

Habit #2: Change Your Mind
Challenge Your Thinking

Same Story, New Moral

Fifty States of Mind Where Stress Cannot Exist

Just Breathe

The Powerhouse

A Quick Revisit to the Brain/Body Connection

One Man’s Insight

Stress in the Classroom

Habit #3: Sharpen Your Mental Focus: Creating Mission and Purpose
Part 1: The Personal Mission Statement

Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement Rough Draft

Completed Mission Statement

Part 2: Setting Goals

Understanding the Difference Between a Good Idea and Writing a Goal

Creating the Future Now

Creating a Transformational Goal

The Rocking Chair Test

Goal Setting in the Classroom

Habit #4: Power Up Gratitude
Who Doesn’t Want These Benefits for So Very Little Effort?

In the Business of Gratitude

Making It Real

Who Deserves Your Letter?

Gratefulness in the Classroom

One More Gratitude Quote for the Teacher Lounge

Habit #5: Make the Morning Count
The Morning Routines of Real Teachers

My Morning Routine

Putting It All Together
Understand the Power of the Moment

Create a Plan

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Enjoy the Process

Start Now

Surround Yourself With Success and Positivity

A Final Word


"What an incredible, practical road map to spark and guide teachers on how and why it is important to take care of ourselves and develop healthy habits. This book created a real shift in how I view myself and the world. The Peak Performing Teacher unites a lot of discreet ideas and connections that make a lot of sense. I am getting a copy for my principal and looking forward to putting my energy into change instead of fighting just to maintain."

Jenny Boulianne
Physical Educator, Finstead State Montessori Academy, Wilmington, DE

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ISBN: 9781071853252

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