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The Mindful Teacher's Toolkit

The Mindful Teacher's Toolkit
Awareness-based Wellbeing in Schools

First Edition

September 2021 | 240 pages | Corwin UK

Do you want to help your students develop their social and emotional skills?

Do you want to help build a whole school approach to mindfulness and wellbeing?


The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit gives you clear directions to develop mindful practices and ideas for how to integrate these into your teaching. The book contains detailed guidance on how to work with different age groups, from 4-18 years, and looks at whole-school approaches through specific subject areas and implementation strategies.

Designed so that you can dip into each chapter, all of the activities are adaptable by language, tone and content so that you can apply and personalise them to your teaching. The combination of expert advice, teaching tips, reflections, activities and real-life examples provides you with everything you need to be able to develop your own mindful classroom and contribute to improving wellbeing in your school community.

Introduction: Awareness-Based Wellbeing in Schools
Section I: Teaching Mindful Awareness
Chapter 1: Mindful Awareness in the Early Years Classroom (3-6 year olds)
Chapter 2: Mindful Awareness in the Primary Years Classroom (7-10 year olds)
Chapter 3: Mindful Awareness in the Middle Years Classroom(11-13 year olds)
Chapter 4: Mindful Awareness in the Secondary Years Classroom (14-18 year olds)
Chapter 5: Top Teaching Tips
Section II: Embedding Mindful Awareness
Chapter 6: Mindful Awareness in Sports and Performance
Chapter 7: Mindful Awareness across the School
Chapter 8: Developing a Coherent Approach: Implementation Q&As
Conclusion: Aligning Awareness-based Wellbeing with Societal and Environmental Change

The Mindful Teacher's Toolkit is an essential resource for mindful educators. It's chock-full of hard won insights, and there's love and rigor in every page, practice, and lesson. Given the adversity so many are facing, this is a book that's made for the moment. 

David Treleaven, PhD
Author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing

There is much going on in the world in the name of education that has hardly anything to do with education. Much too is going on in the world in the realm of teaching that is all but mindful. The result is the state of the world we are in today. But education is based on the principle of hope and of possibility.

Here is how.

Written by passionate educators who live out their deep beliefs about education, the role of teachers, and the consequences of mindfulness in teaching, The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit fills a yawning gap in the most important mission in the world – teaching. Awareness-based well-being in schools, cultivated mindfully and pursued intentionally, can restore integrity to teaching and help discover meaning in learning.

The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit combines uplifting vision with practical pathways to guide the process of teaching to make it purposeful and fulfilling both to the giver as well as receiver of the experience called learning.

I commend the distinguished writers for their valuable contribution to restoring faith in this most important of public professions by being mindful, teaching mindfully, and teaching mindfulness as the basis of the teacher’s engagement.

Thakur S Powdyel
Former Minister of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan

At a time when we are all more distracted than ever, Burke and Hawkins skillfully communicate how the combination of Mindful Awareness Training (MAT) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) create the foundation for Awareness-based Wellbeing (ABW). This book is a treasure trove of resources for a whole span of ages--everyone can find a relevant and useful practice and activity in this book. This invaluable resource nurtures the mind as well as the heart. ­

Meena Srinivasan
Author of SEL Every Day: Integrating Social and Emotional Learning with Instruction in Secondary Classrooms (Norton, 2019) & Teach Breathe Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom (Parallax Press, 2014)

Are you motivated to start implementing mindfulness in classrooms, but in need of more ideas before you begin?  Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke’s The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit is a fantastic resource for educators! Generously packed full of lessons, tips, and resources, and replete with ideas for developmentally appropriate practices, it will be your “go-to” guide. The Toolkit includes motivators, ideas for making mindfulness fun, ways to expand sensory awareness, considerations for healing the planet, and connections to CASEL’s framework.  If you are looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness into academic lessons, how to enhance your school culture, or for international examples of how others are transforming lives through mindfulness, keep this Toolkit close by – you will be inspired. And over time, as you turn to one lesson and then another, you will gain insight and strategies, and your confidence in your mindful teaching will increase as you see the difference it is making for your students  - and for yourself.

Christine Mason, PhD
Executive Director, Center for Educational Improvement; Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

Both Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke, authors of The Mindful Teacher’s Toolkit: Awareness-based Wellbeing in Schools, have worked internationally with children and young people and with teachers in developing awareness-based well-being through mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL), so they bring to their book a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of the theory and practice of mindfulness across cultures…There is so much in this book that it is impossible to do it justice in a short review. I recommend that you read and re-read it for its practical advice, its vision and the dreams for the future of our society.

Helen Cowie
Reviews Editor, Professor, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey

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