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The Loyalties of Voters

The Loyalties of Voters

April 1990 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What determines the loyalties of voters? The factors identified by social scientists range from a politician's last-minute television appeal to the social class of the voter's parents. But which of the many influences are most important electorally? For the first time The Loyalties of Voters offers a convincing answer, firmly based on an analysis of three decades of electoral behaviour.
Parties Propose and Voters Dispose

Unstable Parties
A Lifetime Learning Model
Family Loyalties
Structure of Socio-economic Interests
Values of Voters
Placing Voters in Context
The Performance of Parties and Leaders
The Cumulative Effect of a Lifetime of Learning
Change Through Time
The Big Trade-off Facing Parties

` ambitious, constructive, and praiseworthy contribution to British electoral sociology. The book is clearly written, and analyses are thoroughly executed...this is an exemplary study of the current state of the art in the analysis of British electoral behaviour. The authors are judicious in their treatment of their data, comprehensive in their use of existing literature, and clear in their analyses and conclusions. Rose and McAllister have given us an admirable and important study' - Sociology

`Recommended for upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. - Choice

`It poses important questions in a stimulating, well-written style.' - Contemporary Sociology

`...this is a valuable contribution to the voting literature. The breadth and depth of analysis are presented succinctly, intelligently, and persuasively' - Political Science

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