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The Lobbying Strategy Handbook

The Lobbying Strategy Handbook
10 Steps to Advancing Any Cause Effectively

September 2011 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book teaches students of social work and non-profit management how the government works and what they can do to effect change at the state or local level through lobbying. Social workers are very politically active and this book covers key skills taught in a policy practice course. The centerpiece of the book is a 10-step lobbying process that walks the student through important stages of lobbying. It lays out a clear, 10 point framework that helps students lobby effectively. It also provides a chapter on the 10 point process in action, which displays case examples of student projects from conception to implementation. Following the 10 point process the author also presents chapters on tax aspects of non-profits and the varying structures of such organizations. In addition the author includes chapters on budgeting, evaluation, and hiring and working with a lobbyist.
I. Lobbying and Advocacy: What does it mean and why should you do it?
II. The Rules of Engagement
III. Pork: "The Other White Meat" or, Quagmires of Government Budgeting
IV. Making Law: Confessions of an Erstwhile Legislator
V. Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns: Part One, The First 3
VI. Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns: Part Two, Steps 4-7
VII. Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns: Part Three, Steps 8 & 9
VIII. The Ten Steps in Action: Case Study of the Strategy and Process REACH
IX. REACH The Final Steps!
X. The Ten Points Strike Again: Breaking the Tire Cycle
XI. Fighting for Justice in Cyberspace: The Role of Technology in Advocacy
XII. So Now You Have a Law: What do you do with it?
Addendum: Understanding the difference between full time and part time state legislatures

"The three greatest strengths of this text are its readability – taking a complex activity (lobbying) and breaking it down into ten digestible steps is very appealing; examples – real life applicability that allow the instructor to get inspired and to emulate the examples & exercises; the questions at the end of the chapters."

Priscilla Allen
Louisiana State University

"I really liked the writing style! It was warm and personable. I loved the first sentence of the introduction. I feel the authors challenge students to think critically! The discussion questions will make for interesting class discussions. I like that the author has broken the ten step process into multiple chapters. That makes it easier from a lecture standpoint! Good procedural steps, and tips on doing regional analysis. The discussion is current and easy to understand."

Louis Laster
University of Texas at Arlington

"The manuscript unfolds in an organic manner that generally introduces new material in the order that it will make the most sense to students. The great strength of the manuscript is its encouraging tone. The challenge we face is engaging our students for a lifetime of advocacy. We walk a fine line between giving enough information so that our students can have an initial successful advocacy experience and pouring on so much information that the task seems impossibly discouraging. In general the Handbook successfully meets this challenge."

Warren Yoder
Jackson State University

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