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The Good, the Bad and the Irritating

The Good, the Bad and the Irritating
A Practical Approach for Parents of Children who are Attention Seeking

January 2000 | 90 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The author of the best-selling book, Attention Seeking, gets right to the heart of these topics in a way that readers can quickly grasp.

Each topic is explained and followed by a discussion and advice on ways to troubleshoot the problem. Topics covered include:

" misbehaviour

" praise

" punishment

" ignoring.

The book provides parents, teachers and psychologists with a user-friendly, practical guide to the perplexing problem of attention seeking. Sharing this book will allow parents and professionals to go forward and plan for improved behaviour.

Chapter 1
Explanations for Misbehaviour

Chapter 2
A Useful Explanation for Misbehaviour

Chapter 3
We All Need Attention

Chapter 4
The Pay-Offs for Misbehaving

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Trouble-Shooting Ignoring

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Trouble-Shooting Punishment

Chapter 9
Good Behaviour

Chapter 10
Trouble-Shooting Praise

Chapter 11
Some Final Points


`Over 20 years Dr Nigel Mellor has developed strategies that ... effectively change the child's behaviour' - The Independent

`Full of hope ... for parents [in] a desperate world. Advice is given with understanding, warmth and a real appreciation of what life is like when you have an impossible child' - Times Educational Supplement

`A very practical, down-to-earth and humorous approach… techniques that harassed parents can use … this book is impressive' - Educational Psychology in Practice

`Extremely useful… I recommend this book as a manual for parenthood. Humour makes it an entertaining, yet informative read' - The Teacher

`Highly enjoyable …delivers key messages superbly well… points are delivered with warmth and sensitivity' - British Journal of Special Education

`Nigel Mellor's] techniques will help you to turn your child from a monster into an angel' - Daily Express

`Who's pulling the strings? ... Strategies [for] exasperated parents'- Yorkshire Post

`They are driving parents mad ... but there is a consistent approach that helps' - Birmingham Post

`Back to your granny's wise words - the book is packed with real life examples ... [from] families and their moments of sheer desperation' - Sheffield Star

`The parents [Dr Mellor] sees are in a terrible state ... [his] help is practical and focused on the future rather than past mistakes'- Newcastle Journal

`I immediately felt a lot of empathy. All in all an excellent book' - Special

`Up-front and practical approach to this all-encompassing challenge' - Education and Health

`A very valuable resource' - Children are Unbeatable Alliance

`Empowers parents ....would be ideal at parent workshops' - Special Needs Information Press

`A panacea for many parents ... an immensely readable book'- Young Minds

`Nigel Mellor's easy-going and empathetic style of writing [is] both refreshing and eminently readable ... the book is shot through with humour, modesty and encouragement and I highly recommend it'- Contact a Family

`This unique book provides … a practical guide packed with step-by- step instructions backed by a wealth of examples drawn from real families'- My Weekly.

`Insightful instruction ... Nigel Mellor is an expert in attention seeking ... timely and well written'- Metro

`This is a gem of a book. It is written in plain English, with humour and sensitivity by someone who had both feet firmly on the ground. Written with parents in mind, the book is at pains to avoid heaping guilt on anyone for turning out children who are less than perfect and offers instead, sound advice about some of the causes of and possible remedies for, attention seeking behaviour' - Linda Evans, University of Warwick

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ISBN: 9781873942437

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